The Sacred Circle

What Sacred Circle is about

The Sacred Path of Love annual retreat has changed the lives of so many who are broken and searching for something deeper in their lives after going through a lot of hardships and pain. For many of the participants, it has provided an avenue for people to begin to rediscover the true meaning of life, to be oft-repenting and constantly returning to Allah and relying on the Shafaah of Saiyyidina Muhammad salAllahualayhiwassalam

However, since the Sacred Path of Love is a yearly event, there is a gap that needs to be filled – how can those who are broken and those who need healing gain access to traditional Islamic knowledge and where do they go to have a more long-term avenue to help themselves? The Sacred Circle aims to fill this gap.

The Sacred Circle is a small circle of individuals who are facing particular hardships in their lives, coming together in order to seek further understanding on their situations and sit with good company, providing them support in their personal journeys towards self-betterment and towards knowing Allah and Rasulullah salAllahualayhiwassalam. Facilitators will assist in running the program. There will be about 8-12 attendees for each session.

Why we need Sacred Circle

Hardships are difficult to go through by ourselves, and more often than not we tend to keep our burdens to ourselves because we are ashamed of our pain and of our brokenness. But it is through brokenness that we begin to search once more for who we truly are.

Having some kind of social support helps to alleviate the loneliness that comes from keeping our pain within ourselves, and helps to confront pain that has long been shelved away into the back of our minds. Having access to others who have gone through similar hardships and are on their way towards healing themselves also helps to serve as a real-life example and practical application of traditional Islamic knowledge on healing and recovering from various trauma.


  • To provide participants with access to traditional Islamic scholars as a means to gaining traditional Islamic knowledge, in order to begin and sustain their personal healing processes
  • To identify and redirect serious cases for professional help/therapy if need be, based on recommendations from scholars/mental health professionals supporting the program
  • To provide a social support system that allows for co-reflection, individual and collective healing
  • To assist participants to build up their inner emotional and spiritual strength in the long-term.

Our advisors

Our advisors for The Sacred Circle are Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed, Dr Omar Mahmood and Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw.

3rd Sacred Circle
Topic: Depression
Date: 9 April (sat)
Time: 5pm – 7pm

Who is this for?
This session is for anyone who has depression and is looking for support in overcoming some of the challenges faced.

What is expected of attendees?
As this is a session where attendees are encouraged to learn from one another, they will be required to share with us their experiences (at an extent that they’re comfortable with). Attendees must also be prepared to engage actively in the discussions. They are also encouraged to come with a positive mind, with the intention of gaining new understanding and improving their emotional and spiritual state.

Is there any cost involved?
No. These sessions are free. As we have limited spaces though, we do require attendees to be committed, once they have confirmed their attendance.

How do I register?
Email us at


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