On The Sacred Path of Love Retreat

My ex husband used to call me stupid so often that I believed him and thought that I really was stupid. I felt lowly and unworthy. Come to think of it, how can someone I married say this all the time to me. At one time, I wanted to commit suicide. I felt that life is just so full of negativity, and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s a good thing that my friend Julia is always with me. She brought me to The Sacred Path of Love. From then onwards, the way I think changed positively. I am no longer who I was before. I ignored my past, just as Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw taught us on the 2nd day of Sacred Path of Love when he taught us how to do dhikr (remembrance). Dhikr is like meditation. It really elevates your state from negative to positive. Today I feel that The Sacred Path of Love is so important for people like me. I am sure there are many who are like me in some ways, looking for help. Sacred Path of Love is a vital platform for many of us. Thank you, Sout Ilaahi, for organizing such an event with good scholars who can relate their experiences and provide guidance.
~ H. Yusuf

“I left Islam when I was 18. I thought it’s a man-made religion. I really thought that I have no room for religion in my life, so I decided to be an atheist. For a few years, I felt good. I had freedom, I could do what I want. I didn’t care what my parents wanted from me. I feel as though I’m being liberated from the chains of a set of beliefs. One day, a good friend of mine died while she was drunk. I did not know who to turn to. For months, I was in many Facebook Islamic groups, but none of them appealed to me as they weren’t what I was looking for in life. Then I saw The Sacred Path of Love and liked the facebook page. I was very curious, and even though it was my first time attending a religious event, I gathered the courage to push myself to attend. I freaked out when I bought tickets for both days, and I said to myself, “O my God.” That was the first time I said the word “God”. I was surprised by it. To me, the whole event was sincerely organized by Sout Ilaahi. It was simply beautiful what the scholars spoke about and taught us, and it really brought my heart back to life. I was in tears alone, sitting at the back, and reflecting on my past. So here I am, God is with me. I am not alone. I am not a failure. It made me realize that there is God and remembering God is to be with God and have calmness in me. It all makes sense now that being at the Sacred Path of Love awakened my heart that had been dead for so long. Thank you God, thank you Sout Ilaahi.”
~ Faridah A.H.

A friend of mine invited me to join her for The Sacred Path of Love 2014. This was my first experience attending such event. It was an eye opening experience for me since this is something we rarely hear from the scholars regarding loneliness, failure and how we deal with in life. Most of us in Singapore live in such a demanding society that holds no room for failure. Overall, I strongly believe, it was something refreshing and good especially for young people over here who are too stressed in trying to meet society’s demands.
~ Haryati Adam

I attended the 2nd day of Sacred Path of Love. I found Shaykh Abdul Aziz Fredericks’ talk on Islamic and mental health very interesting, as I could very much relate to it. At times, I really felt that I am all alone, not knowing where to seek help because people don’t really understand someone like me. Most of the time, people associate me with black magic. I told them I am not suffering from black magic, I am depressed and looking for a way to reach Allah. I really felt that Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw’s lecture was also very important for our society. We live in a materialistic society, hence we rarely think about our relationship with Allah. We think solat is enough. Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw touched on dhikr (remembrance) which I’ve never really thought of before. When I got back home on the same day, I began to do dhikr after each solat. SubhanAllah I began to feel the negativity in myself turn to positivity. I am no longer passive. Slowly, I realized my mind changed for the better. I can think clearly now and have hope with Allah.
~ Husnita Z.

I would say Sout Ilaahi is one of our favourite places to come together to seek knowledge and listen to the pearls of wisdom from the scholars. You don’t just teach people and expect them to grow on their own. What Sout Ilaahi offers is more than just “I am seeking knowledge therefore I am in the circles of knowledge.” It goes beyond that from what I have seen. I see someone like Sidi Khalid Ajmain offer friendship and brotherhood to people like us, whereas if we were to attend any other functions, people don’t even realize we exist. It’s not that we want to be recognized, but we feel that there is something bigger than just attending a lecture, and then life goes on. At Sout Ilaahi we become friends and they give us moral support to change. Sincerity takes lots of effort, and once it has been given you know, you will surely return.
~ Khairul Mohammed

After my husband left me, I didn’t know where to go in my life. My parents still open their doors to me but I just could not return to them anymore. I felt that I should not burden them, so I stayed alone by myself. My parents were at times worried about me because they felt that I had an unstable mind. Shaykh Abdul Aziz’s lecture on loneliness really opened up my mind to reflect on my life and I slowly realized, Allah is with me. I should not be negative if I am alone. I should be positive regardless of whatever happens in my life. I live for Allah. I do not need to allow people to make me feel miserable just because I am not like them and I don’t live like them. There is always something good in life. This is the way we think about Allah being there for us.
~ Sis Z

The Sacred Path Of Love has grown from strength to strength through the years since it first took fruit in terms of its content and the way it has been organized. The speakers were equally inspirational and enlightening with their deliverance of various topics. Alhamdulillah, this year i was able to bring my wife who is a convert to this special event and she was delighted to be able to attend it. We look forward to the next series of SPOL and future events by Sout Illahi.”
~ Softhian Jafaar ,2013

I live an extremely busy lifestyle. I am a mother of three and I am heading a legal department in a public listed company. I have to juggle between work and life, and my days can be very demanding. My husband convince me to go to the SPOL 2014 and said it would be our honeymoon-come-learning trip. I didn’t know what to expect, plus I kept worrying about my work and my kids back home. To my surprise, the SPOL was one of the best spiritual experience in a long time. I was amazed by the adab of the scholars, their ability to convey the message of love and their depth of knowledge. I came out of the 2 day course with a renewed faith and a practical sense of my purpose in life. No more worries for me, InsyaAllah!
~ Feedback from Puteri Sarah Karina (Malaysia) 2013 

“I was having marriage problems since the last three years. A friend suggested attending the Sacred Path of Love conference. I hesitated for a while, but I decided to attend it with her, after giving it much thought. After the conference, I pondered upon so many things in my life. I think both men & women are constantly searching for deeper meaning and purpose in their everyday lives & relationships.”
~ Mastura A.

“When I first got out of prison, I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid that I might revert back to my old ways and mix with the same gang. I don’t look down on them; I just don’t feel good being around them. But I stepped out from the darkness and saw the sun shining with my own eyes – I never expected to see the banner for ‘Sacred Path of Love: Gateway to Gratitude’. In the beginning, I was not too sure whether to attend. But I overcame my fear and gained confidence. Attending both days of the conference completely changed my life and my perception on life. I didn’t know that Islam included spiritual empowerment. Where had I been all this while, not to know this? I am now beginning to appreciate and be thankful to Allah for being born a Muslim. The Sacred Path of Love conference has awoken me to a state of realisation – to be with Allah.”
~ Ali R.

“What I like about Sout Ilaahi is that it is a place where people don’t need to be scared of being mocked and judged. I saw a guy who attended The Sacred Path of Love. When he rolled up his sleeve, I could see the whole tattoo on his arm, but he didn’t feel out of place or awkward. It is simply amazing how we bring back those who are seriously looking for something in life. When they come for Sout Ilaahi events, they found the meaning they are looking for in their lives. Sout Ilaahi is a very welcoming space for people of all faiths. In particular, it provides a special atmosphere for Muslims from different backgrounds, especially those from the streets who are interested in learning more about the Islamic tradition to improve their lives.”
~ Mastura R.

“I felt really good about the conference – I learnt a lot. I hope this will further spark my understanding on not only religion, but my relationship with Allah subhanawata’ala as well. Paying $65 for two days was worth every cent. I’ve known of other conferences which are much more expensive but have less essence on its main objective.”
~ Sarah Ashiq

The experience at The Sacred Path Of Love 2011 was indeed amazing for me and some of our friends. Its an eye opener for most of us. We realize the importance of seeking knowledge and the beauty of Islamic spirituality. You cant get this anywhere else except with those shuyukh who receive spiritual guidance from their shaykh. I’m always looking forward to the event each year and hopefully Sout Ilaahi can organize it annually.
~ Yasir Anuar 

On other events/works by Sout Ilaahi

I stumbled upon your (Facebook) page a few months back. Not knowing what is this Sout Ilaahi about but my heart said just like the page and I did. After few days I realize its page on Islam. However I took notice it is something different from the Islam I know on media or from a Muslim friend. I find your page interesting especially on Sufism, motivation quotes, sufi music, events. You made me want to dig more abt Islam. I am doing more research on Islam and Sufism. I find it a bridge from what I am before being born into a Buddhist family. I hope to visit Singapore to attend some of your events in future. For now, please pray and hope the best for me.~ your sister in humanity, Kanya

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