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Ongoing Event: The Sacred Circle
The Sacred Circle is a small circle of individuals who are facing particular hardships in their lives, coming together in order to seek further understanding on their situations and sit with good company, providing them support in their personal journeys towards self-betterment and towards knowing Allah and Rasulullah salAllahualayhiwassalam. Facilitators will assist in running the program. There will be about 8-12 attendees for each session. The Sacred Circle is conducted on a monthly basis, featuring different topics.

Past Events

Sacred Path of Love Retreat 2013
21 & 22 December 2013

The Sacred Path of Love Retreat was an idea mooted by a dynamic and socially active husband-wife team in Singapore that has blossomed into a reality. It aims to increase knowledge and awareness on traditional Islam and to revive the Islamic tradition of seeking knowledge from scholars and practicing the knowledge. Organized by Sout Ilaahi Group, this retreat has gained a reputation over the years, and is a much-awaited event, even with participants from neighbouring countries. Many come to Singapore in December just to attend the retreat. The success of the retreat can be seen from the positive responses received from the participants year after year.

Dear Beloved Son class
Every Wed, starting 11 September 2013

One of Imam Ghazali’s students, in a time of difficulty, wrote a letter to the great Imam seeking solace and guidance. This book records the advice given by Imam Ghazali. Ustaz Amin, a graduate from Rubat, Tarim, will be conducting classes based on this book starting 11 Sep 2013, every Wednesday.
6 & 7 July 2013: Life’s Wisdom: A Manual on the Path to Allah
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6 July 2013: Path of the Pious: External Path & Inner Realities
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9 & 10 June 2012: Knowing God through the lens of Imam Ash’ari & Imam Ghazali
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8 June 2012: A woman’s quest – Seeking the Sacred in Modern Times
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11 April 2012: Take My Hand – Qasidah Unplugged with Nader Khan
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3 April 2012: Come As You Are – Knocking on the door of God
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10 & 11 December 2011: The Sacred Path of Love – Gateway to Gratitude
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