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Sout Ilaahi aims to spread universal love, peace and understanding through its events and illuminate hearts through sacred knowledge.

Our Aims

Established in 2010, Sout Ilaahi aims to connect Muslims in Singapore with traditional Islamic scholars who are well-versed both in traditional Islamic sciences and contemporary social issues such as depression, stress management, loneliness, and anxiety.

We focus on creating awareness on social issues plaguing the community and providing better understanding on how it can be dealt with through mental, emotional and spiritual upliftment.

Our Work

We organize lectures, workshops, classes and campaigns aimed at discussing and ameliorating various social and contemporary issues that are faced by Muslims today.

Through these events, we discuss topics which are seldom addressed within the Muslim community,such as domestic violence and sexual-physical abuse. We serve as a platform for the community to challenge age-old perceptions which tend to further aggravate situations and impede the process of finding solutions. Often, those facing such challenges do not know who to turn to or how they can gain inner strength to move on with their lives.

Through open discussions and providing the community with the support they need to overcome the challenges they face, Sout Ilaahi hopes to provide a safe environment for them to express themselves.

Sout Ilaahi has also published two books: “Islam: Religion of Peace” and “Knowing Allah, Living Islam”. The author, Shaykh Tidiane Cisse, launched the book in the UK at the House of Lords.

Our Audience

Sout Ilaahi’s events attract people from all walks of life, from ex-gangsters, ex-inmates, LGBTs, single mothers, those facing mental health issues, and youths who are simply searching for greater depth in their personal relationships with God.

Many participants of Sout Ilaahi events have given positive feedback on how it has been life-changing and has inspired them to be closer to God. Sout Ilaahi events have allowed them to realize the indispensability of self-care and spirituality in facing their problems in life. It is our hope and aspiration that our events will continue to serve as a bridge between society and the healing warmth of Divine Love and Light.

Our Directors

Khalid Ajmain, is a graduate of the School of Audio Engineering, Singapore. He has several years of professional experience in audio production as well as event management. He was the Director of Straits Records between 1998-2002, where he was involved in the production and promotion of the albums of several local bands. Prior to that, he worked as a Graphic Designer for Elliot Records in France. Away from his professional work, Khalid was also involved in humanitarian work in Aceh, Jogjakarta, East Timor and Africa, delivering aid to  countries hit by natural disasters & poverty. He is socially active in volunteer work, and was a Befriender at Darul Arqam in the past.

Khalid has studied in a pesantren (Islamic school) in Solo, Indonesia for about a year. He studied from Habib Sholeh Al-Jufri, Habib Ali Al-Joofrie, Kiyai Sholeh Masrur and Ustaz Romli, among others. He has also had the privilege of learning with some of the respected local scholars for several years.

Khalid is the founder of Sout Ilaahi – he is the man behind several projects initiated by Sout Ilaahi. Among the recent project is the publishing of the book, ‘Islam: The Religion of Peace’. He went to London, United Kingdom for the launch of the book at the House of Lords in September 2012.

Ainun Harun, Director of Sout Ilaahi, is a graduate of the School of Film & Media Studies. She worked as a Video Editor for several years, and was involved in the production of corporate videos, music videos, television programmes and commercials. Ainun also freelanced as a photographer and writer in her earlier years of work. Before joining Sout Ilaahi full-time, Ainun was a Manager at a local Islamic education center. She is now pursuing a degree in Psychology.

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