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Sout Ilaahi Group was established in early 2010. At that time, its core business is the production of spiritual music (qasidah) albums to the local Muslim market. It has successfully produced spiritual music albums from South Africa, Syria, Turkey, Indonesia and Southeast-Asia.

Sout Ilaahi then expanded into event management, organizing spiritual music events in Singapore. Among the events organized by Sout Ilaahi were the Burdah Night with Shaykh Fakhrudin Owaisi, a scholar & munsyid from South Africa and a Night of Dalail ul-Khayrat with Shaykh Jamhuri, an imam from Aceh. Sout Ilaahi is also one of the coordinators for the annual ‘A Tapestry of Sacred Music’, a world spiritual music festival held at the Esplanade.

Sout Ilaahi has organized various lectures by international scholars. Among the popular events were the Anger & Stress Management Workshop with Imam Abdul Latif Finch (US), Knowing God workshop with Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ninowy (US) and Life’s Wisdom workshop with Shaykh Walead Mosaad (Egypt).

On 4th & 5th December 2010, Sout Ilaahi organised the 1st Annual The Sacred Path of Love conference at the Sultan Mosque. Three international speakers were invited – Shaykh Mahy Cisse (Senegal), who is the Vice-President of the African-American Islamic Institute, Dr Afifi Al-Akiti (Malaysia), a lecturer at Oxford University in UK and Shaykh Afeefuddin Al-Geylani (Iraq), a renowned and respected scholar, Director of Darul Jailani.  Among the local speakers are Habib Hasan Al-Attas, Ustaz Zahid, Ustaz Fizar and Ustaz Syakir Pasuni. Approximately 150 participants attended the conference with about 10 of them being Malaysians. Sout Ilaahi has now organized the annual Sacred Path of Love for six years with scholars from USA, UK, South Africa, Ghana and India.

Sout Ilaahi events have attracted Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Many found it to be life-changing. Beyond just motivational talks, Sout Ilaahi events offer knowledge, which is needed by the soul in order to face life challenges.

Sout Ilaahi now has a publishing & production arm. It’s publishing arm, Light of Eminence, has recently published a book “Islam: Religion of Peace”. Shaykh Tidiane Cisse, the author, launched the book in the UK at the House of Lords last year. Sout Ilaahi’s production arm, Ihsan Productions, has recently travelled to Senegal, Morocco & Turkey for some photography & videography work.

Sout Ilaahi aims to spread universal love, peace and understanding through its events and illuminate hearts through sacred knowledge.

Sout Ilaahi Director, Khalid Ajmain, is a graduate of the School of Audio Engineering, Singapore. He has several years of professional experience in audio production as well as event management. He was the Director of Straits Records between 1998-2002, where he was involved in the production and promotion of the albums of several local bands. Prior to that, he worked as a Graphic Designer for Elliot Records in France. Away from his professional work, Khalid was also involved in humanitarian work in Aceh, Jogjakarta, East Timor and Africa, delivering aid to  countries hit by natural disasters & poverty. He is socially active in volunteer work, and was a Befriender at Darul Arqam, the Muslim Converts’ Association for many years, where he conducted the Beginner’s course for converts.

Khalid has studied in a pesantren (Islamic school) in Solo, Indonesia for about a year. He studied from Habib Sholeh Al-Jufri, Habib Ali Al-Joofrie, Kiyai Sholeh Masrur and Ustaz Romli, among others. He has also had the privilege of learning with some of the respected local scholars for several years.

Khalid is the founder of Sout Ilaahi – he is the man behind several projects initiated by Sout Ilaahi. Among the recent project is the publishing of the book, ‘Islam: The Religion of Peace’. He went to London, United Kingdom for the launch of the book at the House of Lords in September 2012.

Ainun Harun, co-Director of Sout Ilaahi, is a graduate of the School of Film & Media Studies. She worked as a Video Editor for several years, and was involved in the production of corporate videos, music videos, television programmes and commercials. She has worked with several international advertising agencies as well as music labels.  Ainun also freelanced as a photographer and writer in her earlier years of work. Before joining Sout Ilaahi full-time, Ainun was a Manager at a local Islamic education center. She was in-charge of the Administration, IT & Human Resource Department. She is now pursuing a degree in Psychology.

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