Shaykh Aslam: From Sinners to Saints, Never Despair of the Mercy of Allah


The following are some notes taken during a public lecture given by Shaykh Mohammed Aslam in 2016, entitled “O My Lord How Merciful You Are When I’m Sinless: From Sinners to Saints”. 

Hadith Qudsi: “My love becomes wajib for those people who love each other, sit with each other, and visit each other for the sake of Allah.” Alhamdulillah when we sit here today nothing brings us together but Allah.

How can a person in a state of sin come out of the state [of heedlessness] and reach the state of the righteous, the salihin, and the awliya’ (saints)? Through tawbah (repentance). Tawbah means to go back.

What is to come is better

Man was created weak. He is forgetful. He forgets where he came from, who he is, and where his destination is.

It is related that every day and every evening, the Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam used to make istighfar 70 times. In another narration, 100 times. The Greatest of Creation made istighfar 100 times a day even when he was maqsum (free of sin). What about us? How much istighfar should we be making then?

Allah said, your coming moments are better than those which have passed.

We repent from sin, but the Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam repented not because he sinned, but to go from a good state to an even higher state. It goes to show that we all are in need of repentance no matter who we are. There is nothing greater than turning back to Allah subhanahuwata’ala.  

A man came to the Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam in extreme distress, saying “Oh my sins!” The Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam told the man to say, “O Allah, I have more hope in Your mercy than in my prayer, fasting, and zakat. So please forgive me.” He told the man to repeat it 3 times and then said, “Stand, for you are forgiven.”

Darkness in Ourselves

When a person sins, his heart becomes dark. Even though he can fool the rest of the world into thinking he is happy, he knows that deep down he is unhappy. Only we know the reality of our inner selves. We can fool everyone else, but we can’t fool ourselves.

Ibn Ata’illah said, Don’t be happy when you are praised, while you know that those qualities are not within you. Do not leave the certainty of knowing yourself for the assumption of others’ praise of you. When others praise you, it is out of the assumption that you have certain qualities, but you know your own reality.

Allah said He is the friend of those who have iman. He takes them out from the darkness of disobedience and to the light of obedience. There is nothing greater for a servant than to be obedient to his Master.

A woman came to the Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam saying, “Ya Rasulullah, I have committed zina (adultery).” Her conviction and faith in Allah convinced her to come forward. She received the punishment for it and died. Rasulullah salAllahualayhiwassalam went for her funeral and said, “She has performed such great repentance that if it were to be distributed amongst all the people of Madinah, it would be enough for everyone.”

Do not despair of the mercy of Allah

Seek forgiveness from Allah, for he is al Ghaffar, the one who accepts repentance time and time again.

When the rain of Allah’s mercy stops coming to our hearts, then we should make repentance and Allah will send the rains of mercy back to our hearts.

If you want to be well-pleased on the Day of Judgment, make sure that your book of deeds is full of istighfar.

Sometimes it’s hard to break away from sin. One should try to sit with the righteous and make dua that Allah sends some of the blessings that He gives to the righteous, to oneself. Try to visit Rasulullah salALlahualayhiwassalam in Madinah as well.

Allah loves the dua that is made in a state of brokenness. The state of humbleness when making dua is better than the state of arrogance after being proud of being able to do acts of worship.

“O Allah, give my nafs taqwa, for You are the Lord of my nafs.”

Oud (incense) comes from the diseased part of the plant. The more diseased the plant, the more fragrant the oud. Likewise, the more diseased we are, the more fragrant we become when we repent.


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