The Tested Ones: Intimate Conversations with Allah

The following is an excerpt taken from the transcript of Shaykh Mohammed Aslam’s public lecture held in Singapore in 2016, entitled “Friendship with Allah.” 

The Tested Ones

The most struck with tribulation are the prophets, and then the companions. Our hardships are nothing compared to theirs, and Allah said He loves them. They never complained. The heavier the test, the closer the person is to Allah subhanahuwata’ala.

One of my teachers mentioned that in the locality that he lived, there was a righteous, pious man. All of his du’a were accepted, so people used to line up to ask him to make du’a. But he himself was very sick, and he couldn’t sleep. He coughed away at night and had fever.

His mother asked him why he didn’t make du’a for himself. He told her not to worry about him. But she was a mother, so she disguised herself and went to line up to ask him to make du’a for her sick son.

He did so, and that night, he slept like a baby and didn’t cough. When he found out about it, he began to cry, and he said, “Mother you have disturbed my conversation with Allah. For you, the illness was severe. For me, every time my illness became severe, it was drawing me closer and closer towards Allah subhanahuwata’ala. This night that I spent in comfort, I have lost the luxury of speaking with Allah.”

The type of charity you give will be the kind of good that you will receive in return. You will never reach true piety until you give of those things that you cherish most yourself.

When people give in charity, they give their small change, their old clothes, etc. But what if we were to purchase similar clothes to what we wear, and give those in charity instead?


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