Q&A: What can I do to remove the rust from my heart?

The following question was answered by Shaykh Mohammed Aslam at a public workshop entitled “Living the Prophet SAW”.

Q: My heart has become rusty. What can I do to clean my heart and remove the rust from it?

A: Everything becomes rusty. When the heart becomes rusty, its rust is removed through the remembrance of Allah subhanahuwata’ala. It revives the heart, purifies and cleanses the heart and makes the person grow closer to Allah subhanahuwata’ala.

It keeps a person’s mind alert to the signs of Allah when they come, otherwise they will be in a state of ghaflah (heedlessness).

The best of adhkar are those that the Prophet ﷺ taught us himself. He said, “The best of that which I and the Prophets before me have said, is lailahailAllah.” Allah said, “If you had lailahailaAllah on one end of a scale, and the entire world on the other end of the scale, lailahailAllah would outweigh the entire world.”

Also, make a lot of istighfar. The scholars have said, those who often make istighfar have their duas accepted. When a person says astaghfirullah, he can feel that no one else can forgive him except Allah subhanahuwata’ala. Send abundant blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad salAllahualayhiwassalam.


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