Eid Memories: On The Brink of Insanity

By Khalid Ajmain

There are people whom I know personally who are struggling with trauma when it comes to Eidul Fitri. Some of them had bad experiences on this blessed day. So I can understand when they see each one of us posting on social media of our families, spouses and children photos. They felt their pain return to them. Their anxiety strikes back. 

It’s not easy to come to terms with the fact that we can’t change the past. So how do we go forward with positivity? 

2 years ago, a sister called me on the eve of Eidul Fitri saying her husband had dumped her for another woman. She was on the brink of insanity. I fear that she might choose suicide. Alhamdulilah, I managed to subdue her feelings and she remain calm.

Few days before Eidul Fitri, she texted me how her life had changed tremendously. She went for qiyamulail on the last 10 days of Ramadan. She thanked me for helping her throughout her ordeal by being patient and being there for her with advice and zikr. However this morning, she told me, she still has anxiety running in her body. She felt like a pull. It turns out, what people posted on the fb had became her nightmare. Not that she dislikes what people posted but the trauma returns. You can’t help it as the past returns to haunt you. 

This is something unavoidable if you are using social media. It is bound to happen. This doesnt mean she is weak. It’s like if you have asthma, your asthma will return. I was talking to her and asking her to do zikr and contemplate. Alhamdulilah it made her calm down again. Now she realized how the past can return. So she decide to learn more on how to deal with it. As i am guiding her, I also know, there are many souls out there who are struggling to deal with such situations. Each one of them has a different unique scenario. 

Social media does affect our lives in many ways but we can’t dictate people what to post. Furthermore, this is the nature of life when people share their happiness with everyone else even though not everyone has the same experience. Nevertheless, always remember to be good to each other and love one another because we never know, we might be the person who might experience the same fate. May Allah ease those who are struggling to cope with trauma, failure and feeling helpless.