Eid Memories: The Abyss of Materialism

By Khalid Ajmain

Photo credit: AbdulMutlib12 on Wikimedia Commons

Alhamdulillah this year I was able to solat Eidul Fitri and visited my family with my Wife. It’s a blessing to be able to do this because a year ago, I wasn’t able to do so due to my health. 

At times, you feel deprived of the good things, not realising that Allah is giving you something better. When I visited some of my family and friends today, it’s no longer the same after what had happened to me last year. There are so many things we need to learn from the visits. Allah is teaching us by removing the veil, as we can see clearly especially in our elder folks. 

Allah said “Soon you will be like them. You will be aging, fragile and filled with lots of sickness and anxiety. Are you prepared for it? Are you ready for it? Or maybe, you won’t even reach that age.” This makes me shukr. 

I learnt one important thing from some of the elder folks I visited just now. Despite their age catching up with them and their physical body getting weaker, you can see they are very positive and strong inwardly. This is partly because of their wirid, zikr, and selawat. Their zikr like dalaiul khayrat, burdah, wazifah, and ratib really helps them to have the strength to move forward in life even when they face an uphill battle. They remain positive and calm in going through storms in life. They connect themselves to Allah through the awliyah Allah and Prophet ﷺ. 

Perhaps young folks like us need to emulate them in having our own awrad for zikr and having a spiritual guide to build our spiritual immunity. Otherwise, we will get lost in the abyss of materialism in this age. The spiritual path is not about you talking about your struggle. Its about your conversation to Allah that you need Him because He’s in control over everything. You submit to Him by letting go of everything.