Ramadan Reflections: The Night After Ramadan

The night after Ramadhan

Photo credit: Vince Millett on Flickr

Where have all our friends gone?

Them who used to keep our floors warm five times a day have left us forlorn

Who filled our halls with lines that bow and foreheads and lips that kissed our floors

Those who kept us company in our praises and litanies round the clock and filled our doors

Now our halls are left empty with nary even an echo to fill the silence

Forming gathering circles to read then dispersing like strangers without a peep or squeak in the distance

Turning our pages scrupulously to read for a month then leaving us on the shelves with dust

Our friends who stayed with us throughout the nights hoping and wishing to redeem themselves but afterwards continuing their way on like any other week of the past

Where goes those who stayed with us sleepless, getting their heartfelt wishes answered to never return

We mourn the times they kept our lights glittering, carpets cleaned and kept our perimeters inviting but only for a moment

When children and adults alike made it merry with the soft pitter- patter footprints on our carpet laden ground.

We long to bear witness to their earnest wishes, conversations and spirit, alas, ‘til the next Ramadhan round.