Ramadan Reflections: The Two Dimensions of Fasting




Holy and blessed Ramadan is a sacred time during which the believer can draw closer to Allah Almighty, and by observing the fast of this noble month in excellence, we can make profound progress in our personal and spiritual development while drawing nearer and deeper to the Divine Presence.

To observe the fast of Ramadan in excellence, we must know and remember that there are two dimensions to fasting: an outer dimension and an inner dimension.

The outer dimension of fasting consists of the physical requirements of observing the fast in excellence, and this includes eating in moderation, consuming only that which is lawful and pure, and that which is healthy, vital and nutritious.

The inner dimension of fasting consists of the fasting of the heart, and abstaining internally from negativity prior to its manifestation in action. In holy and blessed Ramadan, we must be even more aware and use this sacred opportunity to fast from anger, fear, bitterness, resentment, regret, jealousy, envy, lust, desire and the like.

Such negative emotions cloud the heart and veil us from the light and presence of Allah Almighty, and only by transcending these base qualities of the nafs, the ego, can we truly make progress in our spiritual path and in the development of an authentic and sincere relationship with Allah Almighty.

May this Ramadan and all of your days be blessed with wisdom, guidance, light, spirituality and excellence, and may we as a community reach to the divine pleasure and presence of Allah Most Hight.

To your divine and eternal success.


Emil Ihsan-Alexander Torabi is the creator of the Islamic Meditation Program (http://www.islamicmeditation.com), Soul of Islam Radio (http://www.soulofislamradio.com) and the Islamic Renaissance Project (http://www.islamicrenaissance.com). Having kept the company of great teachers and shuyookh in the classical Islamic spiritual tradition, he continues to study, learn and share, and to guide and support the community towards spiritual awakening and success.