Sout Ilaahi Ramadan Reminder: A Message from Shaykh Muhammad Mendes

We are approaching the blessed time of the month of Ramadan. Allah said about Ramadan, “O you who have embodied faithfulness, fasting has been prescribed for you as it was for those before you, so that you attain mindfulness, consciousness and reverence for Allah SWT.”

Ramadan is a spiritual season, an opportunity for us to find the freedom that comes from restraining our food and drink, our need for intimacy with our spouses, and attain the life of the heart, the life of the spirit, by restraining the body.

It’s a time of fasting, of staying up at night and praying, it’s a time of reconnecting with the Quran, of charity and of giving. It is this month in which the Quran was revealed, that we are given one of the greatest opportunities of the year, to connect with Allah SWT.

The gates are flung open and the gates of hell are shut, and the rebellious devils are shackled. Because of this, it allows us to accelerate our spiritual growth in Ramadan in a way that is almost impossible in any other time of the year.

Take advantage of time. Let Ramadan be a time of illumination, of introspection, of service to others in this beautiful month, of reconnecting your heart to Allah SWT. This is the goal of Ramadan, and it is in the reconnecting of your heart that taqwa occurs. Taqwa is to guard your soul and your heart. The training and discipline that we go through in the university of Ramadan allows us to attain this level of taqwa.

Taqwa has degrees. Each Ramadan, we are allowed to see what progress we’ve made since the last Ramadan. The hope and the prayer is that with each Ramadan, we are getting closer to Allah, with each Ramadan, our levels and degrees of taqwa are more elevated, the meanings of the Quran are more intimate and near to us.


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