Ramadan Reflections: The Sweetness of Hardship

By Sheikh Solihin

Ramadhan. The month of Truth. The month where Allah revealed the Quran.

It’s the month where we get to experience the maximum impact of Allah’s Love. Where the Heavens are opened widely and Hellfire is sealed.

It is the month where we make sacrifices to our lives to bring ourselves closer to Him, Him who created everything with pure love. To recite the Truth as it’s the Ultimate Guidance with no doubt in it.

It is also the month when we face the truth that our main enemy is ourselves, and when we fight against our desires to bring fasting to its literal meaning. Like Imam Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah As-Sakandari ق said in his Taj Al-‘Arus : “You can seek assistance in overcoming that ( heedlessness ) by suppressing the two desires : the stomach and the genitals “.

While Allah let us learn how the oppressed and poor are living, We cut down on food and water to feel how our brothers and sisters who don’t get the privilege of enough food.

Ramadhan is the most beautiful month to me to strengthen my taqwa and my relationship with this Ummah. This is the month where I go to perform terawih prayers and meet my brothers in the musollah. When we sent greetings of peace with a smile to anyone we see. We see Islam in its ultimate beauty.

Ramadhan is the month of happiness through hardship. While fasting, we taste that sweetness as we know we are getting closer to Allah, Ar Rahman. This is what Allah meant in Surah Al Insyirah verse 5,” And surely with hardship comes relief” Nothing stands between you and Allāh ﷻ except yourself. I pray that this month turns your life into beautiful stories when it is read in the Akhirat. Amin.


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