Ramadan Reflections: Bridging the Gap

By Mariam Said

Photo: Pixabay

Ramadhan is coming. What does Ramadhan mean to us? Is it the only time where we put on a mask to increase in our Ibadah and regress to our old habits once Eid arrives ? How do we make this Ramadhan better than the next?

Ramadhan is coming. I love the feeling of sitting down together and listening to the qasaid Ya Rabb (you can listen to it here) right after the adhan. It is one of the reasons when I was working shifts, it was more meaningful when you get the opportunity to sit with family or friends who are like family.

Last year, it was even more significant personally, as it gave me the opportunity to make amends in my relationship with my father. We had not spoken for days due to a difference of opinions and I wanted to make amends but did not know how to do so as if a wall was struck between us. My mother generated the bridge by suggesting that we tarawih together and we did. Alhamdulillah it worked as it is difficult not to speak after a few days in the car towards the masjid.

Seeing our Muslim brothers in Islam in construction walking to and fro to Masjid Pertempatan Sembawang daily and after sitting together with the awesome masyaAllah makciks who ask about you when you are not around and finish the whole rakaat without breaking a sweat (during one of the most warm & humid month sans air con) , it is hard not to feel grateful and inspired by their istiqomah.

Ramadhan is coming. Alhamdulillah for giving us the opportunity to meet with Ramadhan. May Allah benefit us by living Ramadhan every day, making reconnections and benefiting others for the sake of Allah and being in the company of those close to His beloved Rasulullah ﷺ . And benefiting others does not have to be monetary in value, barakah through khidmah is another option. (Watch this film about the khidmah of an Afghan immigrant in Seoul during Ramadan)

Ways we can contribute our time and reminder to self (list not exhaustive)
– Being part of the masjid cleaning crew

– Ramadhan charity baskets for needy families (packing, delivery etc)

– Helping parents with iftar preparation and sharing iftar with neighbours, like these Singaporeans did)

– Keeping eating area clean, clearing dishes and finishing items on the hidang tray that the masjid volunteers took time to prepare (We have a lot to learn from the Japanese on civic- consciousness)

– Making things easy for others e.g. Arranging our shoes neatly during tarawih prayers so it is easier to find shoes later