To dream of Prophet [sallāhu ‘alayhi wa salaam].

Shaykh Abdul ‘Azīz al-Dabbāgh, one of the greatest Saints of our recent times, in his amazing book, al-Ibrīz mentioned about the 10 degrees of darknesses of the soul that prevents him/her from seeing the Sayyid al-Wujūd [Rasullāh] in their dreams, for seeing him [sallāhu ‘alayhi wa salaam] is among the most greatest of things sought by a Believer as the Rasūl mentioned in a hadith reported by Imām al-Bukhārī, “He who seen me in a dream, has truly seen me for Satan cannot impersonate me’ and ‘Whoever sees me in a dream will see me while awake.’

These 10 degrees of darkness can be classifies into 3 major darkness: Ma’siyyah [Sins of the Limbs], Weak Faith and Ignorance of the Prophetic Sunnah. To remove this darknesses, it is incumbent upon us to seek knowledge and practice our knowledge and to be consistent in them and along with sending many salutations upon Sayyidinā Muhammad [sallāhu ‘alayhi wa salaam].

– Ustaz Amin Yusuf

For many, Ramadan is a time of intensified devotion to Allah, especially through the recitation of the Quran. Indeed, the Qur’an is a principal instrument of knowledge and spiritual healing; a powerful manual of self-knowledge and development, and we do not fully comprehend its power upon the human soul.

Yet many of us remain unmoving to the shores of the ocean of the Qur’an, without fully internalizing and realizing the depth of its outward and inward realities.

The Prophet SAW was a living embodiment of the teachings found in the Qur’an. In our lifelong endeavours to emulate him SAW, Ramadan presents each one of us an opportune time to renew the process of “living the Qur’an” in 3 stages: reciting, reflecting, and implementing. Ustaz Amin Yusuf will be explaining each of the three stages in greater detail in this Ramadan discourse.

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