Mufti begin to learn at the age of 80

During the time of Imam Abu Yusuf (the successor of Imam Abu Hanifa), he had a student who started to learn at the age of 80 years old. When the student was 120 years old, he became the mufti of Iraq replacing Imam Abu Yusuf after Imam Abu Yusuf passed away. He became mufti for 40 years as he passed away at the age of 160 years old.
p/s: Moral of the story, it is never to late to start learning, however do not delay in learning cause we never know when we are gonna return to Allah swt
– Ustaz Amin Yusuf

#Adab of murid class

For many, Ramadan is a time of intensified devotion to Allah, especially through the recitation of the Quran. Indeed, the Qur’an is a principal instrument of knowledge and spiritual healing; a powerful manual of self-knowledge and development, and we do not fully comprehend its power upon the human soul.

Yet many of us remain unmoving to the shores of the ocean of the Qur’an, without fully internalizing and realizing the depth of its outward and inward realities.

The Prophet SAW was a living embodiment of the teachings found in the Qur’an. In our lifelong endeavours to emulate him SAW, Ramadan presents each one of us an opportune time to renew the process of “living the Qur’an” in 3 stages: reciting, reflecting, and implementing. Ustaz Amin Yusuf will be explaining each of the three stages in greater detail in this Ramadan discourse.

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