Who is the friend of Allah? Imam Bishr ibn Harith

Inspiring Stories from the Class of Risāla Ādāb Sulūk al-Murīd as related by Ustadh Amin Yusuf:
Many are there out there who when you tell them, “You can be Saint of God” will give you that surprised but puzzling look saying, “Are you sure, Me?”
The answer that Ustadh gave was, “Yes, you can and its a possibility to be a Saint of God but are you willing to sacrifice to become one?”
Ustadh then related a story of a man named Bishr bin Hārith who is a well known Saint in Iraq. He used to be man we would say who would like to party late out night, get drunk and high.
One night while in a state of drunkenness, while walking home, he found on the pathway a piece of paper that had the following written, “In the Name of Allāh, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate”. He took it and he said, “How can someone be so careless as to let this blessed writing fall to ground where people will step on it?” He took the paper, dust it off and placed it in his pocket.
At home, he took the piece of paper out, gave it a further cleaning, perfumed it and placed it in his drawer and went to sleep. That night, a Saint living in that area dreamt of a voice from God saying, “My Slave Bishr bin Harith has glorified Us and We will glorifying him in this world and the next, go and tell him that.”
The Saint woke up from his sleep and started to ponder about who this Bishr was, “Is he a Scholar? A learned man? A Worshipper? Thus, he went all over the town looking for Bishr in the Masjid, in the Marketplaces but he couldn’t find him.
At night, the Saint got the same dream and it happened for another 2 more nights and he told himself, “I must find this man” He searched high and low for him yet again in the town until he came by a man and asked him, “Do you a man by the name of Bishr bin Harith?” The man replied, “Yes, and I know where you can find him.” So the man brought the Saint to a local club where all the music, dancing and drinking was going on and he shouted, “Bishr bin Harith! Bishr bin Harith!.
Someone who knew Bishr bin Harith went to him and said, “Some weird looking man wearing turban and religious cloak is looking for you.” Bishr was already drunken at the moment and he went over to the Saint and told him, “You came here admonish me? Come on, I have listen to many people like you and I won’t change.” The Saint looked at him and said, “No, I have come here to deliver you a message from God. God said, “Since you have Glorified Our Name, We are going to Glorify yours.” Upon hearing that, Bishr broke down in tears and repented and he pledge never to return to his old ways again.
He went on to become a famous student of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and Imam Ahmad loved him so dearly and even told his other students, “Whatever this man says, write it down.” People asked, “O Imam, why would we write down what this man says when we have you?” Imam Ahmad in his modesty said, “That man has a heart that is pure and a connection with his Lord that is unbroken so that whenever he speaks, its nothing but the truth and widsom.”
Such was the life of Imam Bishr ibn Harith and as the saying goes, “Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future.”

Ramadan is a month like no other. The deeds, experiences, spiritual states and openings we are blessed with in this holy month through the mercy of Allah, bring with them a sense of focused tranquility that is often unmatched at any other time of the year. In essence, Ramadan is a school of positive transformation that is founded upon rigorous physical, mental and emotional discipline.

The doors to intimacy with Allah are flung wide open throughout Ramadan, but no aspirant hoping to pass through will succeed without taqwa: to guard the mind, heart, and soul. To this end, Ustaz Amin Yusuf will expound on and discuss practical strategies to maximize Ramadan through guarding and purifying ourselves from the 7 sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger, envy and pride.

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