The story of Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq and Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak on hajj

The story of Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq and Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak as told by Ustadh Amin Yusuf:
One day Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak made a Du’a to know who’s Haj was accepted, he then dreamt of a list that was shown to him and among them was man named Ali al-Muwāfiq. He wanted to know who this man was and was informed that he lived in Shams (present day Syria). Thus Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak made the journey there only to find that the said Ali al-Muwāfiq was a clobber.
Upon reaching him, Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak asked, “Are you Ali al-Muwāfiq?” To that Ali al-Muwāfiq affirmed and upon affirmation Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak held his hand and kissed it. Even though Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak was a great Scholar of his time, he did not hesitate to kiss the hand of a cobbler whom he knew whose Haj was accepted and thus liken to a new born as told by Sidna Rasul.
Henceforth we shall call him Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq. Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq was surprised and puzzled that a well dressed man with a scholarly turban would bend down to kiss his hand. Shaykh asked the Imam, “Why did you kiss my hand?” To that Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak replied, “Because I dreamt that you were among those whose Haj was accepted this year.” Shaykh Ali was surprised and told the Imam, “But I have not performed the Haj yet!” To that Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak was puzzled but he knew that his dream was true so he asked the Shaykh, “What did you do to deserve this reward of an accepted Haj?”
Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq said, “There was once my neighbour cooked something and the smell wafted to our house, my wife was inclined to asked our neighbour for some and she went over and knocked on their door. When our neighbour opened the door, my wife asked, “Can we have some of what you are cooking?” To that the neighbour replied, “What is Halal to us is Haram to you.” “How so?”, replied my wife. “We are having wild donkey and that is Haram to you and Halal for us.” “And is that that you are eating wild donkey while its suppose to be Haram to the both of us?” To that the neighbour replied, “Because we did not have anything to eat for days/weeks and we are very hungry and under such needed conditions, it become necessary and permitted for us to eat wild donkey.”
I [Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq] asked them, “Why did’t you inform us of your condition that we may help you?” The neighbour replied, “We were shy to ask you.” Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq then when over to his house, took his 20 years worth of savings which was meant for Haj and gave it to his neighbour. Because of his generosity, Allah in His Generosity rewarded him with an accepted Haj.
Imam Abdullāh ibn Mubārak told Shaykh Ali al-Muwāfiq that he would sponsor him in the upcoming Haj.
Written by SIdi Mohamed Isa

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