The blessing of the mother of Habib Ali al Habsyi

The mother of Habib Ali al Habsyi (Composer of mawlid Simtud Duror) told him at the age of 9 years old ‘Do you want to have the barakah (blessing) of your mother? Habib Ali said ‘Yes’. Then She said ‘You will have to see the Prophet ﷺ in the awakening state not in your dreams only’. Habib Ali often share with his mother that he dream of the Prophet ﷺ even to the extend the Prophet send her salam. He will convey to her ‘Mother, Prophet ﷺ send his salam to you. She will replied I want you to see and meet him in the awakening state. After many times in sujud and selawat, he finally saw and meet the Prophet in the awakening state. He knocked on the door of his mother. She said ‘Yes, is it about your dreams again? She open the door, Habib Ali said to her ‘Mother the Prophet is with us now.

Paraphasing Ustaz Amin Yusuf

Lesson learn: The barakah (blessing) of the mother is very important. Another important thing we learn from this, the aspiration the mother have for the son or daughter, will elevate the children itself. It means your children inshaAllah will reach the goal of your aspiration. If your aspiration is only dunya, they will only be able to achieve dunya if the aspiration is for Allah, they will benefit dunya and akhirah. Allah will make your children as His friends.

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Ramadan is a month like no other. The deeds, experiences, spiritual states and openings we are blessed with in this holy month through the mercy of Allah, bring with them a sense of focused tranquility that is often unmatched at any other time of the year. In essence, Ramadan is a school of positive transformation that is founded upon rigorous physical, mental and emotional discipline.

The doors to intimacy with Allah are flung wide open throughout Ramadan, but no aspirant hoping to pass through will succeed without taqwa: to guard the mind, heart, and soul. To this end, Ustaz Amin Yusuf will expound on and discuss practical strategies to maximize Ramadan through guarding and purifying ourselves from the 7 sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, anger, envy and pride.

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