Q&A: What is the sign that we have friendship with Allah?


Q: Earlier during the talk, you mentioned that “Allah has opened up the contract of friendship with Him onto each and every one of us, and He is awaiting for us to accept and receive that contract.” Can you explain in more detail, what is this contract that you mentioned that Allah give to us to be His friend? What are the criteria or what is the sign that we have this contract of friendship with Allah?

A: [Shaykh Mohammed Aslam]
Allah’s Love for each and every one of us is unconditional. Allah wants you to come however you are, wherever you are. There’s no stipulation of conditions; there’s no stipulation of clause one, two and three. Allah just wants you to drop before Him unconditionally because His Love for you is unconditional.

How do you know His Love for you is unconditional? Look: we disobey Him, He still gives us food and drink. If His Love was conditional, then He would have said, “If you obey Me, I will give you food and drink.” So the contract is absolutely open, absolutely clear and transparent. Come to Allah however you are, in your brokenness, in your humbleness, with your tearful eyes, with your shattered soul, just come to Allah and He will accept you. He will take you in.

Bishr al Hafi radiAllahuanhu, he was walking in the streets, he wasn’t a righteous person at that time. One day, he saw a piece of paper on the ground with Allah’s name on it. He picked it up and kissed it, and he raised it high. At that moment,what did he hear?  He heard, “Toyyib tasmi,” [Allah said,] “You perfumed my name, I shall perfume your name in this world and the next world.” From that moment on, he became from the friends of Allah (swt). Allah’s Love is unconditional for us.

However you are, wherever you are, just return back to Him and that’s what Allah wants from us, and that’s why the contract is open. This is why I said earlier, never think I’m not good enough for it because you’ll never be good enough for it. None of us will ever be good enough for it.

This is why the Prophet ﷺ said, “لن يدخل أحدكم الجنة بعمله” “None of you will enter into Jannah with your good deeds. The Sahabah said, “ولا أنت يا رسول الله؟” Neither you Messenger of Allah? He said, “ولا أنا. إلا أن يتغمدني الله برحمته” Neither me except if Allah entrenches me in His mercy.

It’s all about Allah’s mercy. And Allah wants you unconditionally. The way you are, you come back. And He will accept you upon all of your faults, upon all of your mistakes, upon all of your sins. He will take you in. If He took in the mass murderer who took [the lives of] 100 people. You know how enormous of a number that is? 100 people this man murdered. And he was still accepted. Why? Because he returned.

This question was answered by Shaykh Mohammed Aslam at a public lecture in 2016 entitled “Friendship with God: Trust, Certainty, Loyalty”. 


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