Q&A: I’ve done so many sins. Do I still have a chance to see Rasulullah ﷺ in a dream?

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Q: I have done a lot of sins and watched a lot of pornography. I’ve left it behind, and I read selawat, but I still long for the day that I can see Rasulullah ﷺ in a dream. Do I still have a chance?

A: It doesn’t matter what crime you have done, just wish for your eyes to see him, and we will see him ﷺ.

This person is thinking, how can I see the Prophet ﷺ when I’ve done this and this? Don’t compare the Prophet to ourselves. If someone were to commit a crime against us, we would stand in enmity and hatred and opposition against them until they drop dead. If someone did something bad to him ﷺ, he would raise his hands and make dua for them.

Remember, Rasulullah ﷺ said, “My intercession will be for those who committed major sins amongst the ummahh.” The opportunity is always there. There isn’t a crime bigger than kufr, and as long as someone hasn’t committed kufr, anything is forgivable.

Allah said, “O child of Adam, you didn’t have hope in Me, you wouldn’t ask me to forgive you. If you had come to Me asking for forgiveness, I would have forgiven all of it and it wouldn’t have made a difference to Me. If you came to Me with the entire world filled with sins, I would come to you and fill the whole world with forgiveness.”

This question was answered by Shaykh Mohammed Aslam at a workshop entitled “Knowing, Loving & Living the Prophet ﷺ” in Feb 2016.