Wisdom in Hardship – Gaining Strength Through Remembrance


The Scared Path of Love 2016 Day 2

Wisdom in Hardship

by Ustazah Nurul izzah Khamsani

Each of us will think that our own problems are bigger than the problems that others are facing.

Part of adab towards Allah is not to insist to Allah, “Can I see the wisdom in this now? Now!”

It is part of human nature to seek power, a source of strength and comfort, when we feel weak. This is why we tend to seek Allah when we are at our weakest and most helpless moments in life.

Always have positive thoughts about Allah, regardless of what happens in life. This enables us to see the wisdom and the good behind everything.

Nothing is difficult if we seek it through Allah SWT, and nothing is easy if we seek through ourselves. Are we successful because of ourselves, because of our own efforts? Our successes are due to so many factors, but sometimes we forget. It is only possible through Allah.

There are times when we are faced with calamities, being patient allows us to gain the wisdom behind it but there are times when Sabr (patience) is not something passive. It’s not about letting others mistreat you. Especially when we are faced with physical abuse, threats, or in a harmful position. Sabr is an active thing that you are doing; sometimes it involves taking action by going to the police, for example.

One of the ways to stay strong in the face of hardship is to recite selawat abundantly. There was a man who used to recite selawat abundantly, and one day when he was in great hardship, Rasulullah salAllahu alaihi wasallam came to him in a dream to help him. So we should keep our tongues moist with selawat.