The Power of Gratitude – Freeing Yourself From Envy


The Sacred Path of Love 2016 Day 2

Power of Gratitude

by Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw

We have to be grateful to Allah SWT for having guided us in this deen, and to hope and invite everyone whom we know as such. We ask Allah SWT to assist us in worshipping him the right way because we do not know how. You are the only One whose assistance we seek in how to worship You.

After thanking Allah SWT I would like to thank those who organized this program. Who doesn’t give thanks to the creation of Allah will not thank Allah. So thank you to the organizers of this program. So even if I am just here to say one word, I’m grateful to those who have organized this program.

We are not the only one that are giving lectures, but we learn from your wisdom from the questions that you ask, because some of these questions are but teachings that we can learn from.

(Gratitude; being grateful of the situation you are in. Being grateful because without His guidance, we will not be informed. Being grateful to His creations, for being the means of goodness and outcome.)

Being ungrateful is what causes us to be envious right now.

Weigh yourself with these words: Lailaha ilAllah. Repeat it a few times and let us think about what our hearts feel afterwards.

Beloved brothers, Allah SWT tells us in the Quran, if you are to enumerate the favors of Allah over you, you will not be able to. They are boundless. Think about it, all of the organs within you, if they cease functioning, what will happen?

A Muslim is someone who surrenders, someone who does things, someone who pays zakat, someone who fasts Ramadan. These are actions that people do. That is Islam. When we talk about Iman, though, it’s about what is in the heart. Those who have Iman, what have you invested for the Day of Judgment? Have you done anything that would be good for you, to wait for you?

Envy is when you wish that those who have been blessed with what Allah SWT has given them, have their blessings taken away instead of being happy for them. It’s not necessarily something that you say out loud.

When you envy someone else, you are being disrespectful to Allah because you are not happy with what Allah has given you. You are deprived of the chance to be grateful for what Allah has given you from His endless bounties.

Don’t think about those who are superior or above you, because you may belittle your own condition. You might think “I’m little, I’m not deserving, I’m this, I’m that.” But you should look about those who are below you.

Allah said, “If you are grateful, I will increase you.” We don’t question Allah.

If you’re looking around you and thinking about when are you going to get married, be grateful that Allah has brought you to this stage in your life where you can think about getting married. There are people who are handicapped, who are quadriplegic, worried about who will get married to them.

If you are envious, it will take away your deen from you one by one. Allah said that He will forgive all of your sins except if you associate something with Him. When you are envious of others, you are associating something with Him. Abdullah ibn Mas’ood said that the ones who are envious of what Allah has not blessed them with are the enemies of Allah’s bounties.

Imam as Shafi’i said, “let the envious be burned by their own fire.” Because he will be burned by the fire that is within him because of his envy.

Do not limit the power of Allah in giving. When we become envious, we are limiting the power of Allah in giving because we wonder, is He capable of giving to me what He has given to someone else?

The diseases of the heart are so subtle that most of us don’t think we have it. Most of us do not think that we are arrogant. You and only you know what is within you, nobody else knows. When you look in the mirror, you know if you are envious.

Let every one of us think about and evaluate what he has done for his tomorrow. Arrogance and envy: every single time that you get up in the morning, say, “O Allah protect me from being envious and from being arrogant.”