To Love God is To Know Him

To Love God is To Know Him
Shaykh Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes
Selections from Ihya’ Ulumuddin
Allah is Ar-Rahman towards all of mankind Ar-Rahim Specifically for those who loves him Always ask Allah to make our niyyah (intentions) clear. Ihya’ Ulumuddin means to give life to sciences. It is made up of 40 chapters.
Chapter Breakdown Chapter 1-19: on knowledge, how to show concern towards your neighbours etc. Chapter 20: on the Last Prophet (Sayyidina Muhammad salAllahualayhiwassalam) Chapter 21-40: focuses on characteristics that will destroy you, your family and your community, and characteristics that will lead you to Jannah.
Be honest with your doubts, Allah will give you knowledge.
I’tikaf means cutting yourself off from your loved ones so as to devote to Allah (like Imam Ghazali did). It’s good to implement such practices, but if our spouse don’t allow us to do it, it’s not permissible for us to proceed.
We are more than just a body; we’re a spirit. We are created to see both the physical and spiritual worlds.
All of man’s vices are from Syaitan (e.g backbiting, gossiping, hurting others, arrogance)
Humans have hearts that are alive. When your heart comes alive, you will excel in whatever you do. If you’re a teacher, you will be a good teacher. If you’re a baker, you will be a good baker.
There are 60 words used to describe love. (e.g mahabbah)
In order for you to feel love, you have to experience it. People can tell you their experiences when they feel love, but you will only feel it if you’ve been in the same or similar situation.
Heart is the seed of all love
will constantly turn either to the spiritual or physical world
that focus on love Allah is ALWAYS with you wherever you are (beyond body and mind).
Receive knowledge of Allah, from Allah. Receive the love from Allah. Daily practice of remembrance of Allah (e.g Dua and Dzikir) Everything you do reminds you of Allah.
Loving Allah is a spiritual experience, a love that is neither borne out the fear of hellfire, nor for attainment of something good (e.g Jannah). It is love that is only for the sake of Allah.
Munajaat worship Allah, calling up to Allah in the middle of the night.
Insan comes from the arabic word for intimacy. Be it towards humans, animals and other creatures. Another meaning for insan is forgetful (just like humans)
Most humans live their lives avoiding pain (e.g from being jobless, homeless, pain, sick,) while others live their lives seeking pleasure (e.g in money, health, delicious food)
You cannot understand Allah through rationalizing or through your 5 senses. Sometime it just happens through the will of Allah, outside human understanding.
You can know Allah through your heart.
Allah has created everything beautifully (in perfect proportion and in the correct places)
We are capable of knowing Allah. Allah is Ahad(one). Allah is beyond comparison/category. Nothing can resemble Allah.
The sign that Allah loves you: if you are a true believer, You love Allah wholeheartedly and you’re not afraid of death.
There are different levels of love for Allah.
Do good deeds consistently (on a regular basis)
It is the quality of the worship that matters (not the quantity) Dunya is temporary but akhirah is everlasting.
Based on your Taqwa, discipline your ego.
Be like the Sahabah, their feet are on the ground but their heart is in akhirah.
Feed the poor, spread peace to the entire universe and show intimacy (emotional love) towards Allah.
Love only for the sake of Allah.
You are not created to be perfect, you were created to strive to be perfect but you are not made of perfection.
So following the Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam is the path to Allah.
Follow Sayyidina Rasulullah salAllahualayhiwassalam in four things:
1) Follow His words. Speak to enjoin what is good and forbid what is hamrful. Imitate his prayers with his speech like doing dhikr. There are important times to do dhikr, for example Fajr (Sunrise) or Asr and maghrib. Follow his Sunnah too, for example saying the prayer when you put on your clothes.
2) Follow His actions. Your deeds do not only pertain to how you serve Allah but also to how you serve people. Serve people, feed the poor, the orphan, and the widow. Prophet Muhammad salAllahualayhiwassalam once said, “I sleep like a slave, I eat like a slave.” So Prophet Muhammad salAllahualayhiwassalam placed others first before himself. The first innovation after the passing of the Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam emerged when we eat till our stomachs is full.
Character goes deeper than how you treat people. It’s about how your character is in your heart. For example, it is not only about feeding people, it is about the generosity that is in your heart.
7 qualities that Allah mentioned Allah loves:
1) Those who repent to him often
2) Those who purify themselves physically and spiritually
3) Those who place absolute trust in Allah subhanahuwata’ala and are satisfied whether they win or lose
4) The people of justice and moderation
5) Al-Mutaqeen, the people of taqwa, to defend and protect yourself
6) The people of Sabr (patience), sabr in being obedient to Allah and sabr in refraining from sinful acts, and sabr in trials
7) Ihsan means to enter into the state of beauty. It literally means to beautify. When you beautify the soul, you worship Allah as if you see Him.
Qualities that Allah dislikes
Allah does not love the one who is wasteful, those who love the material world and those who oppress others.
Allah hates those who engage in riba (usury).
Those who harm the friends of Allah. “Treat every night as if it’s Laylatul Qadr, treat every people as if they are wali.”
Your duty is not only obligated to Allah but also to the Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam, to people, to animals, to plants. Everything is Haqq (Absolute Truth) everything is Allah’s creation. Extra acts of service to Allah or to the people are given out of Love.
The Prophet salAllahualayhiwassalam said that “My love is guaranteed for those who love each other for me.” Loving someone for the pleasure of Allah will automatically bring Allah to love you.
Loving somebody for the pleasure of Allah will put you in the shade under the Throne, if Allah is more beloved to you than anything else, so much so that you love a person for the pleasure of Allah subhanahuwata’ala.
Love somebody for Allah, not because they have a biological relation with you, not because of what they do for you, but love somebody because within them is the light of Allah subhanahuwata’ala.