Remembering the saint of Allah, Habib Abdul Qadir bin Ahmed Assegaf


The world remember this wonderful and great Qutb of the Tariqah Balaawi al Habib Abdul Qadir bin Ahmed Assegaf. After almost 5 years he left this world, the good he had done for the ummah will not be forgotten. He is descendant of Prophet sallahu alaihi wa salam.  He was named by the late Qutb, the composer of Mawlid Simtud Duror, Habib Ali al Habsyi. When his mom was pregnant of his brother, Habib Ali al Habsyi gave the name Abdul Qader but his brother passed on. When his mother pregnant again, Habib Ali al Habsyi said put the name Abdul Qadir. He will be pious servant who devote to Allah and his life with the light of knowledge. Now I recalled, the day when I was at Masjid Riyadh, Solo for the haul of Habib Ali al Habsyi we got the news of Habib Abdul Qadir bin Ahmed Assegaf passed on. At first, I was like disbelief. It caught me off guard as you know most of the time we did not expect the unexpected to happen but it is Allah who will decide what will happen to this world and to us. It is sad moment for many of us remembering him.

 Al-Habib ‘Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad as-Saqqaf one of his teacher was his father. Base the story from al-Fagir iaitu Baba ‘Abdul Aziz whom managed to meet him while he was performing his umrah : al-Habib al-Qadir bin Ahmad as-Saqqaf, had completed his learning and reading hundreds of sacred text books while was in his youth.
Beside his father, he also had learn from many different teachers:
Syeikh Taha bin Abdullah BaHamid.
Syeikh Hasan bin ‘Abdullah BaRaja, ketika di Madrasah an-Nahdhatul ‘Ilmiyyah. Dari guru beliau ini, beliau menghafal al-Quran serta menguasai Qira’ah as-Sab’ah.
Al-Habib Umar bin Hamid bin Umar As-Saqqaf
Al-Habib ‘Umar bin ‘Abdul Qadir bin Ahmad as-Saqqaf
Al-Habib ‘Abdullah bin Aidarus al-Aidarus
Al-Habib ‘Abdullah bin ‘Alwi al-Habsyi
Al-Habib Hussin bin ‘Abdullah bin ‘Alwi al-Habsyi
Al-Habib ‘Abdul Baari bin Syeikh al-Aidarus
Al-Habib Muhammad bin Hadi as-Saqqaf (foto atas)
Al-Habib ‘Abdullah bin Umar bin Hamid as-Saqqaf
Al-Habib Hasan bin Ismail bin as-Syeikh Abi Bakar bin Salim
Al-Habib Hamid bin ‘Alwi al-Bar dan ramai lagi

During his lifetime, he had done many dakwah, calling people to Allah swt from South East Asia, Gulf and many more. may Allah swt bless him. Al fateha


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