The important of Adab : Why Adab matters?


The snippets of Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw’s sharing from the book Bughyat al-Mustafid by Shaykh Ibn ‘Arabi al-Sa’ih, Chapter 2 (‘Adabul Haqiqah according to the People of Completeness’):

Know that the adab in the Path of the People of Allah is a confirmation of piety and righteousness, it is a building block of all that is good and contains all of the maqam.

Whosoever denies adab, he is far from what he thinks he is close to. And he will be chased away from goodness.

Adab means to discipline one’s internal & external. One who is disciplined will be a discipliner (i.e. the blessed Prophets were disciplined by angel Jibril to discipline their ummah).

Adab is categorised into four: 1. Adabul shariah (adab that comes from Allah through revelation & inspiration – wahyu & ilham)

2. Adabul khidmah ( adab of service to the King, Allah. Adab that one has with Allah and His creations)

3. Adabul Haqq (adab with al-Haqq, the Truth. One accepts the truth without denying it, with adab. One should not be arrogant simply because of one’s age or position)

4. Adabul Haqiqah (controlling of one’s senses, the guarding of one’s breathing and being busy in pondering the creations of Allah.)

‘Al-Adab ma’rifatun al-nafs’ – the essence of adab is to know one’s self. The nafs is the root of ignorance, and ignorance is the reason that one leaves adab. One will never know one’s self with ignorance, it has to be supressed with pure knowledge.

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