Women In Islam


Among the famous women who excelled in knowledge, was the daughter of Sayyid Ibn al Musaib, the scholar of his time. He refused to marry his daughter to the son of the Commander of the Faithful, Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, and married her to one of his students, Abdullah ibn Wada`a. On his wedding night, Abdullah discovered that he married not only a woman of beauty but also a great Hafiz of Qur`an and a great woman scholar. She was very knowledgeable in the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) and familiar with the rights of marriage. In the morning of the next day, when Abdullah prepared himself to leave she asked him where he was going. Abdullah answered: “to the circle of your father Sayyid to acquire Knowledge.” She said: “sit, I will teach you the science of Sayyid.” He did not attend the circle of his teacher, her father, for a whole month preferring his beautiful young wife as a teacher, to his Shaykh.

Another outstanding woman of learning was Fatimah bint Ala ud Deen Samarkandi, who wrote “Tuhfatu al Fuqaha” (the Gift of the Jurisprudents) who died in the year 539 H. His daughter Fatimah was a luminary Jurisprudent instructed by her father, and who learned his book (the Gift) by heart. He married her to his student Ala ud deen Kasani who excelled in both doctrines of fundamentals and branches, and compiled his Great book “Badai`u as Sanai`u” (the Wonders of Craftsmanship), which is a commentary on the book “Tuhfatu al Fuqaha”. When he presented his book “Budai`u as Sanai`u” to his Shaykh, the latter was very pleased and appreciated the work, by considering it a dowry for his daughter, for whose hand a number of Roman dignitaries had asked. The father refused them all and married her to his student. The scholars of that time said “He explained his book; he married to him his daughter.”

Al Hafiz ibn Asaker, who died in the year 571 H., was one of the most trustworthy and truthful narrators of Hadith. He was called “Hafiz of the Nation”. He had among his Shaykhs and teachers more than eighty women.

Taken excerpt from :Women In Islam – A Speech by Al Shiekh Muhammed Mahy cisse Al Tijani (grandson of shiekh ibraheem niasse) 

Photo: The late Shaykh Hasan Cisse, may Allah bless him and Shaykh Mahy Cisse mother Sayidah Fatimah Zahrah Niaase. She was one of the first murid (woman) to complete tarbiyah under her father guidance Shaykh Ibrahim Niaase. She is also one of the most learned woman in Medina Baye. She is now almost 90 years old.