Rush also to the sincere repentance that will take you to God’s love for you. He said, God loves the repentant (2:222). How great is the repentance that takes to love! He who has repented [tāba] has turned back [anāba]; and he who has turned back has returned [āba]; and he who has returned has knocked on the door [bāb]; and he who has knocked on the door, the door will soon be openedfor him; and he for whom the door has opened, has seen the people of the realities [albāb], those from whom the veil [hijāb] has been lifted. I said by the grace of my Lord,

Repent if you want the love of the Forgiving One
for God forgives all sins.
He is not disappointed by he who comes to him, repentant,
he is saved by his repentance from what is other than Him.
The heart is not straight in its actions
until it repents to the One, the Subduer.

The love of the world is an unsettling state of thirst and worry, so remove the thirst of your soul by making it renounce the perishing world and desire the everlasting One. If it desires, it renounces; and if it renounces, it finds, and if it finds, it becomes serious, and if it becomes serious, it rushes forth; and it it rushes forth, it arrives; and if it arrives, it connects.

Shaykh Sālih al-Ja’farī al-Fawā’id al-Ja’fariyyah a Commentary on Forty Prophetic Traditions translated by Sidī Samer Dajani.

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