So what is life ?










Wealth has no permanence: it comes in the morning,
and at night it is scattered to the winds.
Physical beauty too has no importance,
for a rosy face is made pale by the scratch of a single thorn.
~Mawlana Rumi

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes.

Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation!

~ Mawlana Rumi

God writes spiritual Mysteries on your Heart,
where they wait silently for Discovery.
~Mawlana Rumi

by Khalid Ajmain

Being in Medina Baye, Kaolack (Senegal) made me realize how much ignorant I am all this while. I take things for granted even to the extend on small little things in my life. This whole experience being in the West Africa continent is really like a wake up call for me. From being slumber to be smack in the face to realize the reality of life. In general, the residents in Medina Baye are very simple and nice people. They welcome you with warm hearts and greet you from their hearts although as you can see if you are there how life is rough, tough and rugged. One cant imagine how Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse live his life with his family when they settled first in this place. Awliyah Allah they fear nothing neither they are vulnerable to life challenges. The rough living condition make them tough people who can go through life challenges. Its amazing to see kids laughing, smiling and playing with their friends on sand streets while we are living in so called first world countries whereby our children are addicted to PC, ipad, tv and all those harmful effects which just cut out the whole community spirit in future. Everyone is for himself. Its a ‘selfie’ thing right now. Bascially, living in the materialistic society everything is base on bodies and looks rather than what is in the heart. Thats the unique thing about Medina Baye, people are not keen on the outlook cause what matter the most to them is the inward reality, whats in the heart. Listen to your heart, it speaks to you to do good, to remember Allah and be grateful.

Well sometimes we imagine life have to be in such a way how we plan and if it does not, we get upset, angry or even to the extend of being depressed. Things should be like the systematic way, the protocol of how life should be like ‘If I do this, I get this and If i dont , it means I wont get it’ So I do on how do I get it if I dont when I did, I am gonna get angry. Strange but true, a fact on how we look at things we value more on the outlook rather than whats the reality of the inward. We tend to judge things the way how we see on tv. We base everything on that factual rights on our mind cause we had develop such thoughts since growing up. So people are stereotyping each other with the way how people look, the way they dress, what they say which can be the most deceiving things in life. Just like how ‘love’ being abuse in many ways through looks and wealth. So we know its a cold world, to phrase it lesser some said ‘its a dog eat dog’ kind of world whereby you can’t trust nobody anymore, its all about yourself. Your life, career, love, family, matter the most. So life has no value, it become superficial. It doesn’t mean if people don’t live ‘your kind’ of life, they are completely deprive of good things such as luxury and comfort. Look how many people are suffering today because of their career and having the ‘want’ on everything which make them look good or putting themselves on the pedestal status. Like oh wow he has 4 cars and he earn 10k a month but deep inside the heart is gonna explode cause he does not understand the true meaning of his own existence let alone things surrounding him including his life. How many people today are suffering through their own thoughts and how many of us look down on people because of the colour of their skin, work or even the way they talk? We hurt ourselves, we ruin our mind on negative thoughts.

Civilization and progress is not measure by material gains neither by high rise sophisticated  infrastructure. It’s what in your heart which matter the most. Let go of your heart and let it gain freedom. Revive the ‘Ruhul Adab’ (spirit of the moral)  in you. And you soon realize the beauty in life is to love one another, pray for each other as how our Beloved Prophet sallahu alaihi wa salam reminded us then you will find tranquility and love in your hearts. As it will remove the negative traits in our hearts, the jealousy, envy and many more which lead us to depression and losing our mind. Come to think of it, when does life begin? Yes we got to work, yes we should not deprive ourselves with wealth but the whole meaning of life depend on what is your intention and attention. In reality, what is your goal in life.  If you are lost, remember Allah will guide you. If you think you had success, there will be a time you realize Allah will tell you ‘ Look my servant I am in charge’ You do what you should do but the outcome is from Me. A slave has to strive and the Master (Allah) will make him gain the outcome through His will and wisdom.

Life is simple, beautiful and wonderful because of Allah – Alhamdulilah

Photos by Khalid Ajmain