Being thankful


by Khalid Ajmain

There are lot of things in our life, we take it for granted, not knowing the important of being thankful to Allah. Living in Singapore with lots of luxury and comfort, one tend to abuse or misuse the things given to us. For example water, how much water been wasted not realizing the important of using it well.  Water itself in Singapore is scarce and yet despite several campaign to create awareness on why we need to save water, we simply ignore on this issue which I really felt its a big shame. Even taking wudu is like ghusl for many of us.  When I was in Medina Baye, I learn so many things which I tend to ignore in the past. Water is not only scarce here but it’s also sacred. It give me a lot of new meaning to the wudu and consumption which I have been taking it fr granted throughout out my life. Perhaps not being thankful itself veil us from Allah himself. One can’t imagine how difficult life can be in the desert or area where water is scarce unless you have went through such condition before. What a better way fr us to learn the wudu from the Mauritanian. Water is precious so wasting it is a crime. Simple things in life at times we find it difficult to do and yet being thankful and aware of what we are doing, connect us with Allah swt. Verily, the path of shukr (Gratitude) is the path to Allah swt.
Wudu 101

Photo taken by Khalid Ajmain at Medina Baye, Kaolack, Senegal