Gems from 'Living on a prayer' lecture


Alhamdulillah, yesterday we had a beneficial lecture by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks on “Living on A Prayer”. Here are some snippets. May we benefit and share this with your loved ones.

1) Amongst the most difficult questions anyone can ask you or you ask yourself is “Who are you?” and “Where you are going?” because these questions will cause you to really think and reflect about it truly.

2) The Salah is about where you are going. It’s not just a ritual prayer.

3) What Salah really does is it takes ourselves from the mess and confusion we are in and helps us move on.

4) Inner peace starts from in the prayer and you only get there if you reach the right door. Wudhu is the key to the Salah and the Salah is the key to the Garden

5) Salah is about your direction in life. A life is only a life if you know the direction you are going and that direction depends on the clarity of the heart. It’s all about where you are going with your life. And in order to have clarity in your heart to find the direction in life you are heading to, we have to get rid of the rubbish in our hearts so that the Love for Allah can enter. And when your love is dedicated to Allah SWT, there is no space for anything else

6) In all, Salat is about having a focus and direction in life. The one who knows the meaning of ‘Allāhu Akbar and Wahjahtu Wajhiya’ will have all his/her problems removed and will find peace in his heart and his life.