The Seven Levels of Islamic spiritual growth


The Seven Levels of Islamic spiritual growth according to the famous 17th century Chinese Muslim scholar, Shaykh Liu Zhi (God be pleased with him):

1-Islam (submission);
2-Iman (faith based on one’s innate nature and/or reason);
3-Mahabba (love), ishq (intense love), and shafaqat (compassion) in the inner heart;
4-Mushahada (contemplative witnessing of the Realities of Faith) and ru’ya (spiritual vision of the Truths of Faith);
5-Mahabba in the innermost heart, the heart of the heart;
6-Mukashafat al-Ghayb (mystical unveiling of the Unseen Realm) ;
7-Thuhur al-Anwar (the manifest perception of Divine Lights).


By Shaykh Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes 




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