Sacred path of love 2012 Takeaways. A lecture by Shaykh Dr. Thaikha Shuaib





SPOL 2012 Takeaways. A lecture by Shaykh Dr. Thaikha Shuaib

by Ustazah Wan Nadia

Shaykh Thaikha Shuaib brought the meaning of ‘eid takbir to a whole new level. Shaykh Thaikha Shuaib started off by reminding us about the importance of jihad towards Allah swt in this time where Islam is diminishing. He asked if we truly understood the meaning of takbir (AllaHu Akbar) and tahlil (Laa ilaaHa ilalLah). In the kalimah tawhid (Laa ilaaHa ilalLah) it consists of tawbah and shukr. Never bow our head to anybody but Allah swt. By doing that, we will follow the tenets of faith in the fullest form, with sincerity and not when it is convenient to us. And we will continue doing it, even if the non-believers hate it, even if they go against it.

Unfortunately, the Muslims today only make sujud to Allah swt when it is convenient.

The Muslims must soak themselves with the kalimah tawhid, not only when they are free to do it. We need Allah swt, Allah swt does not need us. We are in great need of His Assistance. (AlLahus-Samad)
(Sadaqa wa’dah, wa naSara ‘abdah) We are sent as rulers of the world, but only those who are successful are those who hold on firmly to the kalimah.

In Surah aali-‘Imran ayah 139, Shaykh Thaikha Shuaib reminded us, if we are true believers and if at one point we falter or commit a sin; make tawbah immediately and without delay get out of it. Leave it. That is a sign when a believer has made tawbah.

ولا تهنوا ولا تحزنوا وأنتم الأعلون إن كنتم مؤمنين

If every Muslim were able to manifest and live by the meaning of ‘eid takbir, by the will of Allah swt, he could the rule the world and at the same time, he humbles himself towards His Creator. Make yourself humble towards Allah swt, and Allah swt will raise you.

Remember the people of Badr. They were intensely oppressed; but their faith in Allah swt is exceptionally powerful that number did not matter. Whatever they went through did not matter much. This is due to the firm and unshaken understanding of the deen.

Like what happened to Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (ra), he was slapped and beaten by the mushrikeen when he went out to public to recite surah ar-Rahman openly. This is what it means by (Walau kariHal kaafiroon)
Shaykh Thaikha Shuaib also highlighted that every disease has its remedy, and the remedy for sin is repentance. Remember Allah swt always and make much istighfar. True success is when one truly holds on to firmly to the kalimah. If one is not successful, he needs to reflect on is faith towards Allah swt.

The sahabah and saints were always in constant tawbah and that is why their hearts are always enlightened. So, Shaykh Thaikha Shuaib emphasized, if you want success, make tawbah, as Allah swt mentions in the Quran:

توبوا إلى الله جميعا إن كنتم تفلحون.
توبوا إلى الله توبة نصوحا.

Make tawbah before you sleep, recite ayatul-Kursiy and you will not have bad dreams.

Shaykh Thaikha Shuaib mentioned that even in surah al-Fatihah has essence of tawbah, in the part where we ask Allah swt go guide us to the right path. This shows that at times, we humans err.

Recite al-Fatihah often, make it a habit, it will bring your life to life.
Shaykh Thaikha Shuaib also reminded us to recite surah Yaasin, ayat 9 and 22, and the last 10 ayaat from surah al-Kahf. Recite this during the day or night. If you need to wake up, ask Allah swt to wake you up, be certain and by His grace, Allah swt will wake you up. And also, reci