What is Music?





Music can stimulate us, inspiring either lowl or elevated pleasure depending on its nature. It can increase the love of lover, as well as intensity the loss of the lost.

The purpose of Sufi music is to enhance the awareness of the divine, not to entertain. The lower self (nafs) becomes excited by music. Through spiritual music, the nafs recognizes its own inherent yearning for God, and becomes inspired rather than debased. When the lower self is touched by the hand of Divine compassion, it resonates in perfect harmony, as does an instrument played by a true master. Such harmony is created through the marriage of the evident and the essence and Sufi music is born of this marriage.

Thus sufi music is the balancing of the soul’s passionate desire for the world of the spirit, and the physical instruments which give voice to that desire. Spiritual music is the connection between the yearning self of the world and Diving Matter, and reminds the self: Even though you are in exile on earth, remember ! Remember to submit yourself to God.

Music manifested through breath, touch, and the beating of rhythm. It is an endless, unceasing ball of yarn which reveals more and more secrets as it unrolls, yet which never stops unwinding continuously revealing further secrets. The sound of the ney, the ancient wood flute, is closest to the yearning voice of the devout calling to God! The sound of the bendir (Drum) is the closest sound to that of the heart, whose beat continuously measures life. Ad, human breathing, although a natural act, becomes musical when it is made conscious invoking God’s beautiful names.

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