Praising of Prophet sallahu alaihi wa salam


When Muhammad’s light (sallahu alaihi wa salam) came.
The whole face of the earth had become green.
The heavens envied the earth and tore its sleeve.
The moon had become split.
The earth received life and became alive Last night,
there was a big commotion among the stars…
because a peerless star had descended to the earth.

~Mevlana Rumi (رحمۃ اللہ تعالیٰ علیہ) 


God called the Prophet Muhammad Muzzammil,
“The One Who Wraps Himself,”
and said,
“Come out from under your cloak, you so fond
of hiding and running away.

Don’t cover your face.
The world is a reeling, drunken body, and you
are its intelligent head.
Don’t hide the candle
of your clarity. Stand up and burn
through the night, my prince.

Without your light
a great lion is held captive by a rabbit

Be the captain of the ship,
Mustafa, my chosen one,
my expert guide.
Look how the caravan of civilization
Has been ambushed.
Fools are everywhere in charge.
Do not practice solitude like Jesus. Be in
the assembly,
and take charge of it.
so you should live most naturally out in public
and be a communal teacher of souls.”

– Written by Mevlana Rumi rahimahu Llah –