On Denying the Saints and Criticising them:


Photo : Sidi Mawlud Fal (R.A.) of Mauritania was one of the biggest Khalifahs of Tijaniyyah in the 19th century

On Denying the Saints and Criticising them:

In al-Tarā’if wa al-talā’id of Imam Muhammad al-Kuntī: “No matter how hard we look, we have yet to find a scholar of jurisprudence who denied and criticised the Sufis that Allāh did not destroy with a disastrous end.”

Imam Ali al-Khawwās reports in his Latā’if al-minan: Just as it is imperative to have faith in all the Prophets without exception, to believe in them and love them, the same applies to the saints of Allāh. If someone should believe in all the saints except one, without a valid reason, this person thereby has denied all the saints and declared war on Allāh. Whoever rejects the claim of a saint has rejected the claim of a Prophet.

Imam al-Sha’rāni related: Ibn Labbān slandered Sīdī Ahmad al-Badawī, may Allāh bestow His mercy on him, an consequently lost his memory of the Glorious Qur’ān and other knowledge. But he persisted in seeking intercession from the Saints, until he was guided to Sīdī Yaqūt al-‘Arshi, who came to the tomb of Ahmad al-Badawī. He addressed him, “O you father of spiritual heroes! Restore to this wretched one his weath!” Sīdī Ahmad replied, “Only if he repents.” So he repented, and his wealth (knowledge) was restored to him.

He went on to say: Our Shaykh al-Shinnāwi informed me that a certain person criticised the birthday celebration of Sīdī Ahmad al-Badawī (d.1276), so he was stripped of his faith to the point that he felt not the slightest trace of longing for Islam. So he sought help from Sīdī Ahmad, who told him, “On that condition that you do not repeat your offense.” He agreed, and was restored the garment of his faith. Then Sīdī Ahmad asked him, “What was it you were criticising?” The men replied, “The intermingling of men and women (at your celebration).” Sīdī Ahmad answered, “That happens during the Tawāf of the Sacred House during Haj, and no one is prevented from performing the Haj (because of that).”

Shaykh al-Islam Ibrahim bin Abdullah Niasse (d.1975) in his Kāshif al-ilbās pg 100-101.