A Journey To God – Struggle, Sacrifice, Submission


This is the pre Eid Adha lecture by Ustaz Amin Yusuf. A journey of a seeker to God require struggle, sacrifice and submission which reflect on this historical moment that happened to Prophet Ibrahim alaihi salam that he had to leave his wife and son, Prophet Ismail alaihi salam. In such situation, Prophet Ibrahim alaihi salam had to be reliance (tawakal) and certain (yakin) with Allah swt for leaving his family behind.

It is through their hardship we learn the profound meaning on what is struggle, sacrifice and submission. Its a definition for servanthood. We have been listening and reading this stories from the Quran and seerah for many times,but how does it affect us in our daily life when we face severe life challenges. So what do we learn from the lesson? Come and join us for this lecture for us to understand our journey itself to God at each moment of our breath and time.

Veunue: Conference Room, Sultan Mosque 

Tickets for this lecture is $12.00 Payment can be made via bank transfer (Email us at enquiries@soutilaahi.com)

Please take note its LIMITED SEATS!!