"HUJJAT AL-BALIGHA" (The Conclusive Argument) On Bidaa


There are many argument about what is ‘bida’? Some said you can’t do devotion which the Prophet sallahu alaihi wa salam never do. Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse explain profoundly on this subject.

“HUJJAT AL-BALIGHA” (The Conclusive Argument) by Shaykh al-Islam Ibrahim Niasse(RA) on the subject of “Bid’a” or new innovations in Islam

In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

All praise and thanks belongs to Allah, The Lord of all the worlds. The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. The Master of the Day of Judgment. You Alone do we worship and from You Alone do we seek help. The One Who said, “Who is more excellent in speech than he who invites to Allah?” (41:33). May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah, our master Muhammad (SAWS), who said, “Allah will cause to flourish whosoever hears my words and carries them out and makes others aware of them.” and he also said, “Convey from me even if it’s a single word.” and he also said, “Surely, Allah will strengthen this Deen by a corrupt man.”

May the peace and blessings of Allah also be upon his Family, Companions and those who follow them until the Day of Judgment. After this:

The ‘Ulama have divided “innovation” (Bid’a) into the same five (5) categories of all Shari’a rulings, namely:
1.)Obligatory (Wajib);
2.)Recommended (Mandub);
3.)Permissible (Ja’iz);
4.)Disliked (Makruh); and
5.)Prohibited (Haram).

Whatsoever aids and assists a person in doing righteousness, leads to goodness, conveys the message of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), and causes the Sacred Law to be established, falls under the category of “obligatory” (Wajib). That which leads to goodness (Wasilat ila Khayrat) is classified as “recommended” (Mandub). That which is not injurious or detrimental to the Deen is called “permissible” (Ja’iz). That which causes the death or cessation of the Sunnah is classified as “disliked” (Makruh). All that leads to misguidance and corruption is labeled “forbidden” (Haram).

All of these newly invented things which exist in our present time which may not be called “obligatory” (Wajib), can most assuredly be classified as “recommended” (Mandub). The ‘Ulama have considered the publication of the Holy Quran, Hadith collections, Islamic books, and setting up schools to spread knowledge as “obligatory” and “recommended”. These new technologies such as tape recordings, loudspeakers, microphones, radios and everything else which is a device or instrument to be used to assist in helping the Deen (fall under these two categories of Wajib and Mandub). Do you not see that the number of pilgrims to Mecca increases each year –all praise belongs to Allah!–and how will this great number of people be able to pray behind one Imam without the use of loudspeakers, which is an innovation in the Sacred Masjid? Anything which is a means to obedience (and goodness) must be deemed as obedience (and goodness)!

What about these big ships, cars, airplanes, telephones and other means of transportation and communication which are helping the Muslims in their Deen? All actions are judged according to intention! A Believer looks for the best way! The ‘Ulama have been entrusted to make things easy and to be bearers of glad tidings, as the Prophet(SAWS) said, “Make things easy for the people, and do not make it difficult for them, and make them cheerful with glad tidings and do not repulse them.” (Sahih Bukhari). The Ummah of Muhammad(SAWS) cannot all be in agreement with misguidance and error! May Allah guide us to that which He is pleased with and loves. By His Benevolence, may He heal our hearts from their sickness. Ameen. Salaam.

—Shaykh Ibrahim ibn Shaykh Al-Hajj Abdullahi al-Kaolacki, (HUJJAT AL-BALAGHA)


Photo : Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse, may Allah bless him and sanctify his secrets. Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse was known as Shaykhul Islam and Shaykhul Azhar was his khutbah at Al Azhar mosque