17 Ramadan : Nuzul Quran


Photo: The is the interior top of the Medina Baye Mosque which is the complete writing of the al Quran.

By Sidi Muhammad Isa

“The Month of Ramadan in which the Qur’an was revealed as guidance to mankind and an exposition of guidance and criterion.” [2:185]

In Islamic tradition, 17th of Ramadan was the date in which the revolutionary verses of the Qur’an was revealed and recited to the Messenger of Allah by the arch-angel Gabriel in the cave of Hira on mount al-Nur. This was the mark of the end of the days of ignorance and the entrance into time of Divine guidance, indeed it was the beginning of the completion of Islam as brought though the hands of the pervious Prophets and Messenger and it was time to be sealed by the Master of them all, our Master Muhammad the Messenger of Allah.

It was though this blessed night, that Allah was made known to us, the status of His Messenger was made known to us and all other legal legislation of the Deen whereby humans may come to know their purpose and know the means the fulfilling these commands were subsequently revealed, taught and exemplified by the Messenger of Allah.

The Muslim world has for centuries honored this night by remembering it with much prayer and recitation of the Qur’an in expression of their gratitude for the guidance and faith that they have are but from Allah though this blessed night by the medium of Sidna Rasul.  May we also gather on this blessed night, expressing our gratitude to our Lord calling Him to ever increase us in obedience to Him and His Messenger and for us to experience the Qur’an beyond lines of papers and to inculcate the spirit of submission by adhering closely to the God’s Word and to those who were blessed among the Saints and Righteous one of this community. Amen.

Al Murobbi Shaykh Mahy Cisse said : – 

 All the solutions we have it inside qur’an and sunnah of Muhammad s.a.w. every time for everybody, for all the situations, Qur’an is the ruh(spirit), “..wa kazalika awhaina ilaika ruhan min amrina ma kunta tadri mal-kitaab, wala al-eeman…” ila akhir ayat. So without Qur’an we don’t have a ruh, w/o quran we don’t have a light. And the light of Qur’an is Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.. They asked ‘Aisyah r.a., “How was Rasulullah s.a.w.?” She replied,”His manners was the Qur’an (Kaana Khuluquhul Quraan).”