Dear Beloved Son by Imam Ghazali 8 weeks


Photo interior Haga Sophia, Istanbul Turkey by Ihsan Productions

“O my Allah! I desire from You the completion (abundance/perfection) of Your blessings and from purity (inner and outer) I desire its permanence and from Your mercy [I desire] its inclusion [in all matters] and from health [I desire] its attainment and from sustenance [I desire] its increase and from life [I desire] its happiness and from life [I desire] its real success and from good qualities [I desire] their completion and from your rewards [I desire] the reward which is the most common and from your plenitude [I desire] the plenitude which is the sweetest and from your favors [I desire] the favor which is the most plentiful and from deeds [I desire] the deed which is the best and from knowledge [I desire] the knowledge which is the most beneficial and from the sustenance [I desire] the sustenance which is the most plentiful.

O my Allah! You become ours (grant us benefits) and do not burden us (protect us from harms). O my Allah! Grant us salvation when we die and reform our deeds and grant us safety in your days and nights and grant us your mercy in our houses and in our possessions and cover our sins and fault with the cover of your forgiveness and do us favors by correcting all our faults [inner and outer] and give us confidence and reliance on You.

InshaAllah, do join us for the upcoming Sacred Text Series, learning about a very beneficial, essential and necessary work of Imam al-Ghazali entitled “Dear Beloved Son”, with Ustaz Amin Yusuf, starting on 11 Sep 2013, every Wednesday for 8 weeks. For more info, visit

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Biography of Ustaz Amin:
Ustaz Amin Md Yusoff studied at Maahad Buhus Al-Azhar at Cairo, Egypt for two years before going to Rubat, Tarim to learn Islamic Sciences under the renowned scholar, Habib Salim As-Syatiri. He learned Quran Memorization at Abu Muraim Institute in Tarim. He has returned and now conducts classes and delivers lectures in S’pore.