The journey has just begun…

As Sidi Idris from Sout Ilaahi said, the Sacred Path of Love may be over, but the journey has just begun. Exactly what journey is he talking about? Well, it is a journey towards achieving a state of Ihsan. As Imam Tahir Anwar explained, one may be content with just Islam and Iman, but if you want more than that, then you have to embark on the path of Ihsan. I believe that everyone of us, at some point of his/her life, will feel that something is missing – an emptiness which cannot be filled by having any form of luxury this world has to offer. That is a calling. Yet many ignore this calling, and put it off to another time.

Singaporeans often say, “I don’t have the time”, “I am busy” or “I have work or school”. We had a chat with Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw about this, and he reminded us of something important. We have limited time on this earth, and if we don’t make use of the time, before we know it, we will die. By then, it will be too late to do anything, because we have wasted all our time on worldly matters. We have spent our time earning money – but have we spent it in Allah’s way? We have spent our time working, but has our work been for Allah (swt) or has our work taken us away from remembering Allah (swt)? We have to ask ourselves, have we spent our time wisely? Have we spent our time remembering Allah (swt) or have we been chasing things which will not benefit us one bit? Sometimes we say we don’t have the time to seek knowledge, yet we can do so many other things!

Imam Tahir Anwar also mentioned about time in his lecture, “Do not curse time, because Allah (swt) is Time.” Indeed, for someone who spends his time wisely, he will find that he is able to do many things and achieve so much, and there will never be a moment where he doesn’t have the time. It reminds me of how our past ulama’ managed to write so many books and teach people, as though they have unlimited time. Subhanallah. Therefore, we should stop complaining that we don’t have the time, and start putting in some real effort into finding the time.

“We need to stop complaining. We need to stop seeing what we don’t have and start seeing what we do have,” Imam Tahir advised in his last lecture at The Sacred Path of Love retreat. Is it a mere coincidence that he mentioned Singaporeans’ favourite pastime? Well, I guess it is an apt reminder. Some of us do have a habit of complaining about every single thing and this veils us from seeing the blessings showered upon us everyday. We somehow manage to find the negative side of everything. We say, ‘The food in this restaurant doesn’t taste good’ but some people in other parts of the world don’t even have any food to eat. As we are so focused on the negative side of things, we fail to see the positive side of it. If we are grateful with whatever we have or receive, insyaAllah, we will be showered with more blessings from Allah (swt).

During the volunteer appreciation dinner for the Sacred Path of Love volunteers, Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw mentioned how Allah (swt) chooses who will be in His service and who will not. He said that those who ended up volunteering for the retreat was chosen by Allah (swt) and it is a great blessing for them. In the same way, we believe, Allah (swt) chose who will attend the retreat. There are some who wanted to come, but ended up not coming, and there are those who didn’t want to come initially, but ended up coming. So this is the Will of Allah (swt). For those who have been chosen to attend, we sincerely hope that it has been beneficial to you as it is a great blessing to be in a gathering of knowledge and in the company of scholars who have been threading the path, and have received ijazah from their shaykhs all the way to our beloved Prophet (saw).

Although these scholars were with us for only a short period of time, we learnt a lot from them. They are an inspiration to us – some travel for more than 33 hours just for the sake of dakwah, some came despite being unwell while others made great sacrifices in order to come to Singapore. We pray that Allah (swt) will bless them and their families. They have given us good advice, and we hope that through their guidance, we will be able to continue providing a platform for seekers to learn.

Behind the Scenes
The work on the Sacred Path of Love 2012 began as early as January 2012. Behind the scenes, our volunteers had worked very hard to make this event a success. Without them, the event would not have been possible. They’re a great team, working together as a true reflection of the term ‘Ukhuwah’. We pray that Allah (swt) will bless them, reward them and grant them happiness in this world and the next. Amiin.