15 Ramadhan: The day we remember Shaykh Muhammad al Alawi al Maliki left this world

Shaykh Muhammad al Alawi al Maliki and Habib Ali bin Jafaar al Idrus, may Allah bless them both

Ramadhan mubarak everyone, I decided to post this old article on our Beloved Shaykh al Sayyid Muhammad Alawi al Maliki. He passed away on the 15 Ramadhan. May Allah bless him and sanctify his station among his lovers

Passing Away of our Guide and Waliy of Allah, Ash-Shaykh Assayed Allama Muhaddith Al-Haramayn MUHAMMAD IBN ALAWI ABBAS IBN ‘ABD AL AZIZ AL MALIKI (Born 1947 in Makkah):
Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya was able to confirm through Sidi Ali Al-Maliki, and Sayyed Fad’aq Al Hashimi, and Assayed Assiba’iy Al-Makki, that the Muhaddith of the time, and the Usuli of this era, Muhaddith of the Haramayn ( the two Harams, Makkah and Madina) Assayed Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Alawi Al Maliki Al Makki Al Hasany, radiya’Allah anhu wa rahimaha, has passed away.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raj’ioon
Sayyiduna Ashaykh Muhammad Alawi has passed away this morning 15 of Ramadan 1425 around fajr time in his home town Makkah Al-Mukarramah.
Mawlana Al-allama Assayed is a descendent of the prophet Muhammad (Blessings and Salutations of peace upon Him) through Imam Hasan, a grand-son of the prophet. He is a known Hijazi scholar of Tawheed,Tafseer , Hadeeth, Fiqh, Aqeedah and Seerah. He is the most highly acclaimed and respected scholar (Shaykh) in Makkah (Mecca). He was born to a family of traditional Maliki scholars of ancestral residence in the Holy City. His grandfather was the Qadi (Chief Judge) of Makkah and an Imam of the Holy Mosque, the site of the Ka’bah.
His father Sayyed Alawi taught and lectured in the precints of the Holy Mosque for 30 years until he passed away in 1971, his funeral being the biggest one in the area in the present era. Mawlana Assayed Muhammad was educated by his eminent father from childhood and was authorized to teach every book he studied with him. He also learnt at the feet of prominent scholars of Makkah such as Mawlana Assayed Ashaykh Muhammad Ameen Al-Kutbi Al Hasayni, Ash-Shaykh AlMashaat,  Shaykh Muhammad Nur Sayf, Shaykh Saeed Yamani, mawlana Sidi Abdullah and Abdul Aziz Al-Ghumari and many others.
At the age of 25 he received his Phd from from the esteemed Al Azhar university of Egypt. His thesis – on Hadith – was rated excellent and highly praised by the ‘ulama (learned elders) there at the time such as Imam Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Abu Zahra. During his never-ending quest for knowledge he has travelled extensively to north Africa, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Yemen and the Indo-Pak sub-continent to gather Hadith, collect manuscripts, visit scholars, awliya and benefit from their wisdom.
Apart from the ‘ulama of the Hijaz (Arabian Peninsula) he has got “Sanad” or “‘Ijazah of Teaching and Guidance” (lineage of authority to teach and guide) in every aspect of the Islamic knowledge from eminent savants all over the Islamic world, among them from Sidi Abdullah and Abdul Aziz Al Ghumari, radiya’Allah anhuma.
In 1970 he was appointed professor of Islamic studies at the Umm-ul-Qurra university in Makkah. In 1971, after his father’s death, the scholars of Makkah asked him to accept his father’s position as a teacher in the Holy Mosque, which he did. Hundreds of students have learnt at his feet and have become savants of Islamic knowledge and spirituality in their countries, particularly Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Yemen and Dubai. Since 1983 he has concentrated on research and teaching . He also gives classes at his home and mosque on al Maliki street in the Rusayfa district of Makkah. He was nominated head judge at the international Qira’at (Qur’anic reading) competition in Makkah three times. He is also the author of close to one hundred books.
Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya was honored enough to have sat and learned directly in every visit to Makkah since 1988 and benefited vastly from the oceans of knowledge and blessings of Sidi Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki, rahimau Allah wa radiya Anhu.
Shaykh Muhammad also, sent many students from the US to visit Sidi Muhammad Alawi, benefit from him, and get an “ijaza of blessings” from him, as recently as last year.
Assayed Muhammad Alawi Al Maliki has promised Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya last time he visited him in Makkah to come visit Atlanta and the Masajed there, and bless us with his presence and knowledge..but Sub’hana Allah, He answered the call of Allah before he was able to.
As Sidi Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki was a student of Sidi Abdullah bin Assidiqq Al Ghumari, radiyallahu anhuma, Sidi Muhammad Alawi, always addressed Sidi Abdullah as Shaykhana “our Master”.
Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya, was also among those honored to have received a full authorization in Isnaad “ijaza” from Mawlana Assayed Muhammad Alawi Al-Maliki, rahamahu Allah.
This is no doubt, a sign of the closeness of the day of judgement. Especially when so many pious scholars depart so quickly.
May Allah forgive them, bless them, and assemble us with them in the of Judgement around the basin of the Beloved Al-Mustafa, Sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam.