Shaykh Aslam 11-13 Aug 2017


  1. When Adam Met Hawa: The Purpose of Creation
    11 Aug, Fri, 8PM – 10PM
    Masjid Sultan AuditoriumThe search for the purpose of life is one that has beleaguered Man for centuries. Despite the plethora of different theories that have proliferated since then, for many of us today, the question remains largely unanswered. It plagues our hearts and minds, feeding our hunger for ways to fill the emptiness within.Where does one begin to find the answer to the ultimate question of human existence? What value would such an answer bring to our lives today?

    Perhaps the answer lies enfolded within the first instance of Man’s existence: in Allah’s creation of Adam and Hawa A.S. Fashioned from clay, imbued with intellect, gifted with free will and breathed into of the Divine Breath, Man’s very nature alleviated him above the rest of creation and made him a link between the heavens and the earth.

    In reality, the gift of free will in itself hides within it the secret of life and death: that Man’s capacity for both good and evil is a means through which he would one day come to know, love, and witness his Creator.

  2. In the Footsteps of the Companions: Beauty, Majesty, & Perfection
    12 Aug, Sat, 9AM – 1PM
    Masjid Mydin AuditoriumOne of the greatest keys to self-knowledge and ma’rifah in the path of Allah is the knowledge of Allah’s attributes of Divine Majesty and Divine Beauty. So long as he is absent from the harmonious manifestation of Divine Majesty and Beauty within himself, Man remains incomplete and internally imbalanced.In order for him to reach this climax of spiritual and personal growth, however, he must endure test after test. All of the hardships and setbacks that are sent his way are meant to spiritually purify him so that he witnesses nothing other than Allah in everything around and within himself. Indeed, the lives of the noble Companions of the Prophet SAW, Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina Umar R.A., are the perfect examples of this.

    They were the two closest Companions of the Prophet SAW; the scholars have said that Sayyidina Abu Bakr R.A. was beauty, whilst Sayyidina Umar R.A. was majesty, and the Prophet SAW was the ultimate perfection from which sprouted beauty and majesty. The love that flowed between the two Companions and the Prophet SAW blinded the Companions from everything except Allah and his Beloved Messenger SAW.

    Is it possible for those of us today in the modern world to experience, embody and manifest such love? What does it mean to manifest Divine Majesty and Beauty? How can one begin to walk on the path of spiritual purification that leads him to the ultimate knowledge of Allah (ma’rifah)? Join us for this workshop by Shaykh Mohammed Aslam (UK) to find out.

  3. Friends of God: Inspiring Stories of Hope & Faith
    12 Aug, Sat, 8PM – 10PM
    Masjid Sultan AuditoriumFor those of us in the modern world who yearn for the solace, comfort and tranquility that seems to constantly evade us in our daily lives, the tales of the ancients hold a particular kind of respite. Such stories carry the rich tapestries of sacred heritage that hold the key to our spiritual flight, personal growth and freedom from the shackles of this temporary world.These were men and women who were unshakeable in their certainty and faith in God, yet uncommonly gentle and loving in their dealings with the people around them. They were amongst the elect of the elect of God’s servants; having reached the highest level of friendship and communion with God, yet the stories of their own lives were far from fairy-tale perfection, neither were they isolated from the troubles that still plague us centuries later.

    How did these friends of God come to attain such depth of wisdom and inner sight in their lives? What did they say and do when they were faced with trials, tribulations and troubles in their daily lives? How did they draw close to God in such a way as to become completely annihilated in God, while steadfastly executing their worldly responsibilities? Join us for this upcoming lecture with Shaykh Mohammed Aslam (U.K.) to find out.