The Sacred Path of Love 2016


The Sacred Path of Love retreat is an annual retreat organized by Sout Ilaahi Group that aims to connect Muslims and non-Muslims in Singapore with traditional Islamic scholars who are well-versed both in traditional Islamic sciences and contemporary social issues such as depression, stress management, loneliness, and anxiety.

“The Sacred Path of Love 2016: Ilumination of the Soul”

This year’s retreat will showcase four speakers: Dr Omar Mahmood (USA), Dr. Sawssan Ahmed (USA), Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw (USA) and Ustazah Nurul Izzah (SG). They will be speaking on topics centred around the theme of “Ilumination of the Soul”.

The modern lifestyles that we have adopted today are not without their perils: most importantly, the neglect of one’s emotional and spiritual needs. We are so busy that we hardly have any time to breathe, as we juggle between work and family. Often, we live on auto-pilot mode – stressed and frustrated yet trying to pull it together. As we look back at our past, we may despair at what we have not achieved and the mistakes we did. Sometimes it isn’t easy to move on from the past or to let go of memories and experiences which have caused so much pain, despair, trauma and heartache.

How do we free ourselves from the prison of the past? How do we deal with the loneliness that comes with bottling everything up inside? How do we overcome the fears that hold us back from unlocking our full potential in life? Where does Islamic spirituality fit in? How do we live a meaningful, purposeful life and strengthen withering relationships?

These are the questions that will be answered at The Sacred Path of Love 2016: Illumination of the Soul. Join us as we take a step into the Light of the Divine and listen to the pearls of wisdom and Love from Dr Omar Mahmood (USA), Dr Sawssan Ahmed (USA) and Imam Abdoulaye Ndaw (USA).

It is our hope and aspiration that each Sacred Path of Love retreat serves as a bridge between society and the healing warmth of Divine Love and Light.


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DAY 1, 17 DECEMBER 2016, 9AM – 1PM

Love, Life, Regret: Moving on From Broken Relationships
by Dr Sawssan

Let Go & Let God: Surrendering to Allah
by Dr Omar

Man in the Mirror: Reflections on the Self
by Imam Abdoulaye

DAY 2 : 18 DECEMBER 2016, 9AM – 5PM

Witnessing Love: 5 Steps to Make Lasting Changes in Your Relationships
by Dr Sawssan

Freedom of the Self: Unleashing Your Hidden Potential
by Dr Omar

The Power of Gratitude: Freeing Yourself From Envy
by Imam Abdoulaye

Wisdom in Hardships: Gaining strength through Remembrance
by Ustazah Nurul Izzah Khamsani


After my husband left me, I didn’t know where to go in my life. My parents still open their doors to me but I just could not return to them anymore. Shaykh Abdul Aziz’s lecture on loneliness really opened up my mind to reflect on my life and I slowly realized, Allah is with me. I should not be negative if I am alone.~ Z.A.

A vital platform for those looking for help! ~ H.Y.

I left Islam when I was 18. I thought it’s a man-made religion. I really thought that I have no room for religion in my life, so I decided to be an atheist. One day, a good friend of mine died while she was drunk. I did not know who to turn to. Then I saw The Sacred Path of Love… It was simply beautiful what the scholars spoke about and taught us, and it really brought my heart back to life.  ~ F.A.H.

After I was released from prison, I had a deep reflection on my life.Then I saw The Sacred Path of Love event…I would say that this event suits everyone because of our condition today. We need such advice on how to deal with failure and loneliness. This gave me great strength to continue my life not going back to old friends and old habits. ~ T.A.


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Student Package : Package B @ $45 per student for groups of 5

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